Freshwater Fish: Goldfish Care and Maintenance

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Before purchasing a new freshwater goldfish, you will need to have an aquarium set up before hand. You will want to make sure that the aquarium has been set up for over a week before your purchase a goldfish. This is due to the fact that nitrate levels in your aquarium will spike and most likely kill your new fish if you haven’;t had an aquarium set up prior to purchasing the fish. If you already have your fish, make sure that you do a water change at least three or four days after purchasing the fish.

Goldfish are one of the most common types of freshwater fish that are moderately easy to care for. They need to be fed at least twice per day in small quantities. Extra food will accumulate on the bottom of the fish tank and reduce water clarity so feeding the fish in small amounts will reduce this issue. You can also feed the fish frozen brine shrimp to boost up their immune systems and make their colors appear to be more vibrant.

When purchasing a new fish you will want to make sure that the fish is free from illness. If the fish appears to be lethargic or has torn fins or spots, do not purchase this fish. Bacterial infections are very common among goldfish and are very hard to get rid of. Once you notice that your fish has a bacterial infection it is most likely already too late. You will need to purchase medication from your local pet store as soon as possible.

When purchasing an aquarium you will need to purchase one large enough to house a goldfish. One gallon per inch of fish is sufficient. If you have two five inch goldfish you will need at least a ten gallon aquarium. A filtration system will be beneficial as it reduces the amount of times you will need to clean the tank and it will keep the water clear. It will also add much needed oxygen into the water for your fish. Decorations will provide safety for your fish and reduce their stress level. Rock in the aquarium will not only be used as decoration but it will also house beneficial bacteria which helps to ward off bacterial infections and other illnesses.


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