how to dress appropriately to your occasion

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Dressing is not about what you feel is right for you to wear;it is about what is appropriate,what suits your personality and,most importantly,what suits your body,what would enhance your figure,what would make you stand out amongst the lot and not you looking bland and extremely uninteresting and unappealing.Women should put a substantial amount of time and effort into their dressing and and looks.

Dressing boosts your confidence and enhances your personality.In learning to dress appropriately,everything must blend together-the clothing,the shoes,the make-up,hair and the accessories.Women should understand their bodies and know what suits them.They should not invest in trends or what is in vogue;they should shop and invest in timeless pieces or classic.They should spend more money on quality items rather than on a collection of classless items.They should invest in good quality shoes,make-up etc.It is all about looks and looking good in this age.

A lot of women have lost their sense of worth because they haven’;t put any effort into their looks or appearance.So they think they are not desirable or appealing to the next person who is about to compliment or appreciate one when dished out to them.Dressing is power,it helps you to gain respect.The moment you step into a place,people want to know what you think;your opinion counts,your point of view counts,and you’;re treated like royalty.It’;s not because you are the most striking or most beautiful person there,it’;s because you are well-dressed.

Dressing should aspire to be neat your suit should be dry cleaned,your shirt well-starched and ironed,your shoes polished with a toned-down shine.Your shoes should also watch your belt,you must never were different colors.

A women with a size 12 body shape shouldn’;t wear clothes that would fit size 14;she should buy clothes that fit and bring out her figure and shape.They should ask a make-up artist to tutor them on how to apply basic and polish that would suit their face shape and hairstyles that suit their face shapes and enhance their facial structure.A well done hair completes the outfit.To dress appropriately is something you make out time to do,you must be determined,because you could easily get discouraged,work at it every day until it becomes part of you.

So you must dress appropriately and you must stand for what you believe in,be confident and appreciate yourself and strive to become a powerful dresser so you can respect everywhere you go. Thanks lot for listening.Love to you all.


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