Breathing is All, Part 1.

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Find a comfortable and peaceful area and tilt your head up. Close your eyes slightly. 

Be conscious of your breath. As it comes in, feel the air in your nostrils. Feel as it goes to your lungs. Feel how your muscles expand the belly. And feel as the breath leaves through your mouth and your belly goes back to normal. When no more air can leave your system, go ahead and breathe in again. Breathe out again. Never lose focus of your breath. By the end of a few minutes, if you have been mindful, you will find that peaceful being in you. 

This peace will occur more often as you continue your practice. Do not be discouraged if you are feeling you cannot do it, or that your mental images are stronger than you thought. This is normal. Thoughts will come stronger when you become aware of them. It is like getting into a cold pool. At first, it is very cold, but as you spend time in it, your body will start adjusting to the temperature and reach an equilibrium between you and the cold water.

The same occurs in meditation. Meditation is being in the very moment; but because our lifestyle is usually to be thinking of the next moment, this becomes a little more challenging. Awareness and breathing can only be present when you are present as well. Notice it. What happens when you are tense and someone tells you: Just breathe deeply?

We all know a deep breath relaxes not just our body but our mind as well. And if you are aware of your breath each moment, just imagine how much beauty you will start experiencing during those “bad” days.

It takes guts to enter a pool in cold water; however, know well that once you are in, it will get better.


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