Autumn Makeup Tips from Bridal Babe

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  • Waterproof mascara – No matter what the weather.
  • Brown eye shadow for the contour of the eye is wonderful on everyone. It can look o-so-natural if applied sparingly, or it can be dramatic fanatic when layered. Find what works for you and relish in it!
  • Try blush colors that offer a warmer hue, instead of the ol’;;;;;;; pink or mauve (yuck!) Think back when you were little- Remember jumping into a heap of leaves with cold glowing cheeks? Go for blush that looks like that!!! Sweet and toasty.
  • Give your lips a little depth. Use a liner that matches your own lips, or even one that is slightly ( I said SLIGHTLY!!) darker. Blend the liner with your fingertip toward your lip, and then apply your gorgeous lipstick.
  • Prior to the wedding, try out various lip colors to find the autumn shade that sings!! To make deeper, jewel tone shades work, apply a lighter color (like a soft pink or coral) in the middle of the lip on top of the deeper color.

Think warm, cozy, russet, browns, golds…

  • Buy a tube of lipstick that compliments your color scheme for your babes maids. They can always personalize this color by applying their own lipstick on top. Now, your bridesmaids will share similar tones, harmonizing with the dresses, the flowers, and , most importantly, YOU! This does work, but be sure if light blue is your color scheme…you get the idea! Also, make sure each girl looks like the gorgeous individual she is, not a Step ford bridesmaid.
  • Apply cream or powdered shimmer on the cheeks and clavicle (you know…those gorgeous bones you never appreciated as a teenager). It looks gorgeous this time of year. Sprinkle it on!! I said sprinkle. not pour!! Don’;;;;;;;t overdo it.
  • With lips a bit deeper this time of year, eyebrows come into play. Don’;;;;;;;t forget them! Be sure to shape them prior to the wedding day. Consult a great eyebrow genius and have them tweezed or waxed into their glorious splendor.
  • On the day of the wedding, use brow groomer to keep your arches in place.

And last but not least, on your wedding day, feel like that kid playing in the leaves on a beautiful, fresh fall day. You are gorgeous, happy, and jumping into the best relationship ever! Have a blast, bridal babe!


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