The Vintage Wedding Shower

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THE FOLLOWING article was taken from a 1930 booklet, “Good Parties,” by The Home Institute. This chapter is “Let’;s Fete the Bride to Be With a Shower in Pastels” and covers menus, decorations and games for a successful bridal shower. Several images presented here are bridal shower invitations from the 1930s. They give a glimpse into the colors and graphic design styles popular during this era.

No doubt about this party being a shower! Everything suggests it — the amusing center piece made of an eight-inch kewpie doll behind a gold cellophane shower curtain crowned with a garland of varied-colored flowers; the green crepe-paper umbrella favors; and the pink watering-pot nut cups. The pastel yellows, pinks and green sand the dainty doilies give the table a “bridey” air. You can make or buy the doilies. To make them, sew a narrow border of colored cellophane around the edge of a circular white crepe frill, then stitch a white lace doily in the center. The place doily has a yellow cellophane edge, the smaller doily under the sherbet glass has a green edge; and the ice itself is pink. In another room, the presents for the bride-to-be are heaped up under an improvised shower made of a wire hoop from which hangs a curtain of colored cellophane or gauze.Afternoon Tea or Garden Party Menu

Fruit Salad
Whipped Cream Dressing
Assorted Finger Sandwiches
Rose Frosted Angel Cake
Hot or Iced Tea

Luncheon or Supper Menu
Melon Ball Cocktails
Broiled young chicken
Cranberry or currant jelly
French Fried Potato Balls
Green Peas in Timbale Cases
Endive French Dressing
Potato Flour Sponge Cake
Spanish Cream
Coffee, Tea, Mints.

Kitchen Wear

Instead of presenting conventional packages at a kitchen shower, let the girls put on a mock style show for the guest of honor wearing their gifts as costume accessories. Here are a few ideas: Decorate a stewpan with a wire scrubbing sponge pompon; believe it or not, this will be a hat. Another becoming model is a sieve, trimmed with a paring-knife feather. A tea towel can be draped in turban fashion and made fast with a few meat skewers. A wreath of kitchen spoons around a dish-cloth makes a smart evening head-dress. A dish-mop can be a gardenia, a clothes-line a belt, and so on.

Pink and White Shower

This color scheme is especially appropriate for a lingerie shower. White lace doilies or doilies of pink organdy lined with white may be used on the table. Sweetheart roses with bridal wreath or pink and white sweet peas in a white bowl will make a charming centerpiece. Make ribbon sandwiches with a layer each of white and pink (tinted with a few drops of red coloring) cream cheese; serve strawberry ice cream and with it bride cake (angel food) covered with a pink icing.

Either just before or just after tea is served, have brought in and placed before the bride-to-be a basket lined with pink silk or crepe paper containing the presents which have been daintily wrapped in pink and white. If a clothes basket is used, cover it on the outside, using one fold or more of pink crepe paper tied around the basket in the middle.

Another way to present lingerie is to twist and fold the pieces into flower shapes; then combine them in a bouquet. Stockings made into roses may be included. Bestow the bouquet with a “flowery” speech.

Linen Shower

Tell your guests that there is a souvenir for each one, marked with the name of the guest for whom it is intended, but they will have to hunt for them. The souvenirs may be such things as a ten-cent wedding ring, toy wash-boards and other articles suggestive of marriage and housewifery; or you can make tiny towels, wash-cloths, handkerchiefs and the like. Wrap them in enormous boxes. The bride-to-be will discover her name on a pretty utility-box or cabinet, which looks like a small linen closet. Inside the presents will be laid away unwrapped, with sachets on top of them, just as in a linen closet ready for use. The cabinet itself will be an appreciated gift. Let its color determine your color scheme. Suppose it is green and white. White flowers in season with green foliage will make your centerpiece. The menu might inclue: cream cheese balls on lettuce; green pepper and watercress sandwiches; pistachio ice cream and white-iced cakes; green and white mints.


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