9 Ways to Achieve Higher Price when Selling Your Property

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Following our 9 step guide, Inspire Estate Agents can help you get more for your house by preparing the house properly and make the most of the ‘first impression’ of a potential buyer.

These easy steps do not require a fortune and they are not a waste of your time. If you focus on not expensive developments like resealing around the bath and de-cluttering your garden, you will reach out to a wider range of people and along with them – offers.

 1) The very first things a buyer will notice are the visual appeal of the house followed by the smell. Your house should not smell of food or smoke. You should try fresh bread or the old coffee beans trick instead.

2) Buyers always notice the floor, so have a thorough look and make sure the carpet is professionally cleaned and your laminated floor shines so it will give a generally good impression.

3) If you are a pet owner, take the animals out for a walk for the time of the viewing, as people get distracted by them. Also make sure the house is odour-free, which can be a deal breaker.

4) Give every room a theme, so basically stage the house. Make the beds with new duvets, matching the colour of the wall if possible. This will help when taking the photography as well.

5) It might be a cliché, but you need to make sure the house is clean and keep it that way for all viewings. If you are busy, consider hiring a professional cleaner once a week while the viewings last.

6) Natural light is essential. All curtains and window blinds need to be open and you can take the nets down as well. If there are faulty bulbs, have them replaced too.

7) Tidy up inside as well as outside of the house. It’s one of the cheapest but most effective methods of easily selling the property. Check if you can walk through the hallway, clear the kitchen worktop and the sink, take the green waste to the dump and the unused items to a car boot sale. Rent a van if needed. Also remove cosmetics from the bathroom and take up to the loft all the stuff you wish to move to the new house.

8) If your buyer doesn’;t like the outside then they won’;t come inside. Mow the lawn so it looks neat, put up a hanging basket, paint the front door so it looks appealing and close the garage door.

9) Get out the paint brush – look at any walls that have grubby hand marks out excessive scuffing, holes and cracks in the wall need filling and stained ceilings defiantly need painting. Keep the colour neutral and light.

As you can see (and might already know), preparing your house for sale does need the effort, but all these little things add to the value and appeal of your house, making sure you will get something for your time and energy invested.


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