Forex Trend: Managing Billions of Dollars without Emotions

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Every shareholder strives for investing his cash only in most productive goods. although, not all of them may find such goods on one’s own, particularly when world finances holds bringing unpleasant shocks in the form of cost fall for various assets.

Are there Risk-Free Investments in dodgy enterprise?

Regardless, even in the time of economic stagnation there is a possibility to invest in tools, which remain untouched by debt problems of Eurozone, problems of Cyprus, disintegrate of the shares of large-scale businesses, and fright sentiments of traders that lead to hysteria and huge devaluation of some goods. Furthermore, such devices are much more money-making than bank deposits, at the identical time bearing minimal risks.

This concerns buying into PAMM account indexes of Forex tendency business. For one year since the first unique devices were commenced their investors have in some cases obtained over 200% per annum! Besides, the dangers were negligible, and investors were not obliged to have any special knowledge of the market. The practice has shown that PAMM account catalogues are fully-formed investment portfolios, which have conveyed and keep bringing high and steady earnings.

The “Market foremost” has on numerous events in writing about PAMM catalogues of Forex Trend, thus investigating its “old-timers” and “youngsters”, as well as diverse diversifications when means are split up between some catalogues, which include both of the above-mentioned assemblies.

Investors’ anticipations from Managers of PAMM anecdotes.

Throughout the latest online-conference held by Forex tendency listeners have furthermore emphasized all the above mentioned features of these unique devices (“Know-How from Forex tendency: shocks of New Online Conference”). At the identical time, numerous investors have conveyed a desire to have nearer connection with managers. This is clear, for the individual buys into individual savings. In this reference one detail is to be mentioned: the company’s peak managers, such as Veronika Tarasova, Pavel Svantsev, Andrei Kolos, and some other ones, are rather open to the broad variety of involved parties; articles have been released about them, therefore being widely-known. On the other hand, other managers are reluctant to communicate investors, which is not ok with the last mentioned.
The “Market Leader”, which has previously acquainted about some thriving managers of Forex tendency company, anecdotes of which are included in various PAMM catalogues and certainly convey lion’s share of income, extends the sequence of such materials. In such a way we are endeavoring to make traders’ “personalities” more open, at the identical time maintaining managers’ interests. In detail, one of the reasons why many thriving traders prefer residing “in the shadow” is the fact that public communication is often escorted by inundate, trolling, and occasionally rumors not only about expert undertaking, but individual life too.
This time we have communicated one of the most perspective managers of Forex tendency dealer Votfx, victor of the first challenge “Million for Skillful”, who has received 200 000 dollars from the broker for the third place and by today has expanded his deposit to nearly 1 900 000 dollars! Furthermore, his account 520050 in reward index, which has been specially formed from accounts of the challenge winners, is the only one, which has not been distinguished by contradictory monthly balance since the start of trade!

Winner’s Story
As notified by organizing dealer Votfx in his interview to the “Market Leader”, his acquaintance with forex market begun four year ago in informative center of one of the large-scale broker businesses.

− Flying on the wings of pledged perspectives of quick and seemingly very simple profit, after only a month of not very thoughtful trade on a demo account I have brought in my first deposit.

“Market Leader”: And what has occurred to it? Don’t say…a decrease?
Votfx: Unluckily, or maybe luckily, for mistakes also give us know-how. I want to state that, whereas it was not big cash, at that time it was a considerable addition for me. Loss of my first deposit made me revise my outlooks on trade and display more basic approach to selecting devices, as well as investigation of major driving factors of currency in twos.

“Market Leader”: You have likely denied from numerous tools?
Votfx: By trial-and-error procedure I have eliminated the overwhelming majority of oscillators and indicators, candlestick investigation, and other chiromancy, as well as guess-work.

“Market Leader”: What was left?
Votfx: First of all, I have characterized the most favorable swapping device for myself. This is gold.

“Market Leader”: Why gold, this is a rather expensive device?
Votfx: Yes, at first location, an allotment of gold appears rather costly, with high tax obligations. However, in detail this tool is an agreement for cost differential, the rudimentary asset of which is inorganic raw material, assets of which are finish. Such asset cannot become very bargain, and its long-term dynamics will habitually be rising. I successfully use this characteristic in my long-term strategies. Its high cost may be leveled by sufficient means on one’s balance and strict risk administration, which, unfortunately had to be somewhat neglected due to hard-hitting trade of rivals in the contest “Million for Skillful”, where I tried hand at being a supervisor. And have no laments.

“Market Leader”: Is gold your only asset or are there any other swapping tools?
Votfx: I occasionally work with shiny. These devices have an allotment in widespread.

“Market Leader”: Which mechanical arsenal does the victor of “Million for Skillful” favor?
Votfx: I use basic and graphic investigation (trend lines, passages, main numbers, Andrews pitchfork, and Fibonacci lines) for mid-term trade. I try to bypass getting into security devices and averaging loss-making places. I favor buying from reduced grades. In general, not anything elaborate, just the essential.

“Market Leader”: We have affected the theme of “Million for clever” challenge, where you have become a victor. Is it very simple for a latest contestant to work on real anecdotes and with real additions?
Votfx: I would like to remind that this challenge was furthermore held on genuine anecdotes and with genuine sums, which made up its main concept – to reveal the supervisor that is prepared to work with genuine cash. Before participation in the challenge I have already has a substantial know-how of employed with genuine means. Therefore, if some believe of me as a beginner amidst traders – I would like to dispel such attitude…

“Market Leader”: Why have you decided to partake in “Million for clever” contest?
Votfx: By that time I was rather self-confident and have already accumulated the essential risk capital for participation, but additional investments would not be pointless. So, I decided to fight for them.

“Market Leader”: How often have you partaken in similar contests? Are you planning to contend in future?
Votfx: In the early days of my familiarity with currency market I have partaken in some skirmishes on demo accounts, but I have soon outgrown this amusement, for prizes were rather secondary and not interesting. From the issue of outlook of experience, this was meaningless. A contest with genuine cash and negligible deposit of 10 000 dollars appeared exclusive and intriguing, for this was the challenge of genuine trading schemes, for which challenge ants were ready to accept blame with their own means. I have never glimpsed similar skirmishes. Talking about plans, I actually have a considerable addition for management, and I am not involved in contests so far.

“Market Leader”: You currently organize the addition of over 1 800 000 dollars. Numerous may only illusion of such trading capital. Aren’t you aghast?
Votfx: candidly talking, I am not dreaming of astronomic additions of cash for administration. It is another two of footwear to have them on a bank account, as these are two things. As a trader, I am more involved not in the dimensions of the deposit, not even the size of earnings, but in the number of acquired points, which verify that my swapping decisions are correct. Talking about worry, this idea, just as greed, is to be left after the structure of trade. For it is rather apparent that one should not let emotions interfere with formation and implementation of a swapping plan. Practice shows that not every person can do so. I have also made alike mistakes, and this know-how has not gone in vain. I don’t know what will occur further, but I do not feel any force so far.

“Market Leader”: You are actually organizing over an account, which is a part of the “contest” PAMM catalogue – reward. For the time span of 4 months you have illustrated 100% earning capability, and your anticipated earning capacity is over 300%! Delight, tell us how do you organize to come to such outstanding results? 
Votfx: First of all, I try to completely eliminate fuss and impulsivity from my work. In short-term viewpoint the issue is not about any basic propositions, but about feeling of the market and the asset at a certain point. In my opinion, the guaranty of steadiness is supplied by the understanding of a general report backdrop and use of several well-tried technical devices.

“Market Leader”: In May you have shown the smallest, in comparison to other months, outcome on your account 520050, although 14.69% is a dream of many other managers. What, do you believe, is it connected with?
Votfx: One of the reasons seems to be the detail that lot capability of some contracts that I used dropped slightly behind the development of a swapping deposit. On the other hand, no matter how stable a swapping system seems to be, anything may occur at the market, and one should habitually recall this. Thus, certain fluctuation does not bother me.

“Market Leader”: By trading millions of investors’ capitals you seem to bear higher blame. Do you favor utilizing cautious strategy because of this? Or don’t you distance yourself from aggressive procedures?
Votfx: The main idea of short- and mid-term trade already is aggressive. At the same time, firm risk management and nonattendance of thoughtless swapping conclusions is equally significant for swapping investor’s capital and your own one. I do not see particular distinction about this.

“Market Leader”: Please recount features of Prize catalogue from the point of view of a supervisor?
Votfx: As a supervisor, I am not particularly involved in characteristics of indexes, investors are more expected to be cognizant of all nuances. The significant thing for myself is the detail that participation in a catalogue is a proof of my PAMM account and certain believe to it.

“Market Leader”: How do you find work in Prize catalogue, which encompasses accounts of your competitors by the challenge?
Votfx: For a supervisor of an account encompassed in an index steady trade of all its constituents is of large significance, for this assists to bypass rapid change of investor’s capital in case a place is closed. In this quotation, previous rivals have become partners.

“Market Leader”: Do you design to partake in other PAMM catalogues of Forex tendency in future?
Votfx: At this point I am satisfied with the Prize catalogue, and this is sufficient. Time will display what happens farther.

“Market Leader”: Are your investors persuaded with your trade? And how numerous people, if this is not a mystery, invest in your trade?
Votfx: Judging by notes at a forum the most is persuaded. I pay no attention to the number of investors at my PAMM. As a supervisor, I am involved in the sum for administration, but not the number of people that have bought into their means into my trade.

“Market Leader”: During a recent Internet-conference of Forex tendency many investors were giving attention to the detail of poor communication with managers. How do you deal with this? 
Votfx: It is hard, and likely unnecessary, to make a manager broadcast via a forum or any other means. Everyone is to make one’s own decision in this reference. Some like public vigilance and new contacts, other ones don’t. Some find it necessary to interpret the reasons of their deficiency to investors and acknowledge to them, other ones find it unnecessary, for every shareholder is to realize and accept the dangers of mislaying his means, just like the manager.

“Market Leader”: What are your recommendations to beginners, who strive for becoming a successful supervisor, like you, by working with investors’ high capitals?
Votfx: The major issue is to recall about perform with, let it be with little, but genuine cash. Inside time, it will give the essential “feeling of the market” to every dealer. One would then have to evolve it and hold apart from emotions.


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