Stepping into Reader’s World

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                   I still remember my friend’;s statement after we watched harry potter movie :

                            ” This is not as much interesting as we find in harry potter books.”

                  Me : ” Are you mad?….we are trying very hard to get away from college books and you are encouraging in still sticking to book world !!! ”

         His reply was so convincing but it didn’;t had enough push on me in order to start reading habit.

             ” Yea…you won’;t understand until you read a book. Film is like picturing a directors and scriptwriters imagination into a rectangular frame for 2 hours. We are trying to enjoy their imagination. While in reading, we are into the world imagined by ourself and enjoying the new possibilities of imagination.”

  I wanted to ask , then reading is like building our own world on the floor written by a third person (writer). Yet, i dint ask as I know he will figure out some more arguments and push me to read and I don’;t want it to happen.

                   After 4 years, when i got job..circumstances made me to get away from day scholar life and started to share a flat with my room cum office buddies. One Sunday, I came across through a book “One Night at the Call Center” on our table. Till then I have heard a lot about the author Chetan Bhagat and his works “3 Mistakes of My Life”& “Five Point Someone”. I have even gifted his latest work “Revolution 20 20” to one of my friends but I dint read even a single page of it. Very boring Sunday and no option to time pass urged me ..more than I have to say…my subconscious mind told me to take that and read.

                     I took the book..laid on bed…started to read it’;s preface.

  Much better than my old social science books which had tiny tiny letters and have to put half an hour to go through a single page. He is very intelligent in not letting the reader to put more strain on reading. Letters are pretty big and prior to a scenario, each scene has been drawn clearly in my mind through his  explanatory words. Hardly 10 minutes…almost I’;a getting near to complete the preface. I couldn’;t trust myself that am reading a book which has nothing to give and take with ma academics…

              “ding dong….ding dong….” Door bell started to cry as if it is more irritated than me in reading.

My friend is here …Yea !! now there is another option to pass the time. Of course, I will choose the latest one which have got more experience in my life than the ” new getting familiarized habit”.

          Dunno where the book went, may be it’;s owner took back and kept it in bag. These book readers are much interested in preserving the books which they have read. What do they think?….Are books in endangered species list to get this much safety and concern. Even women or tiger doesn’;t get this much safety in this world.

                   After 6 years, now I’;am stuck in a home where there is no internet as well as no free day time to have fun. After the office, me with ma roommates had chitchat in home and goes to sleep. This lazy routine made me angry and when I get angry, I eat !! …. One day, I was searching for some snacks on ma table and I found a book’;s backside. I was like ” Ohh….I have seen somewhere this book…I know this colour ” … I tilted to read the front part of book and it was the same old one ” One Night at the Call Center” . Ofcourse, past haunts present !! …. seems like this book is at correct place & at correct time now. No external disturbances….fed up of the lazy routine….. nice environment to get a new habit. Took it…laid on the bed…read the first line of preface.

    I still remember the preface clearly and I went through it…looked on clock … time is “6.30pm” . Nothing to do… Ok, will continue with this. Read….read…read……got a call from my friend ” hey, come’;s time to eat..let’;s go to hotel” …

looking on clock me to myself : ” What??…..8.30pm !! …. ”

Found the interesting fact that ..I’;am slowly finding  much interest in reading…..

It’;s been 3 days now…slowly I’;am reaching to the last page of book and it’;s very interesting. Sometimes I open the e-book of the same and read it in office…. Yea !! I’;am also a beginner now…stepping into Reader’;s World !!


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