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Thank God we pray our gratitude to Allah SWT, thanks to His grace and guidance of Field Experience Program Individual reports completed properly and on time. Not to forget our blessings and greetings lavished abundantly to our great king, habibana wanabiana Muhammad SAW. To his family, his friends, and hopefully we as his people until the end of time. Amen.

Field Experience Program (PPL) is an integral part of the educational process at the levels of S-1 Educational intended to provide learning experiences for students in a real situation on the ground in an effort to achieve the competencies set by the respective study program at the University of Education Indonesia.
This report is intended to account for the Field Experience Program as well as the form of my responsibility to the Division of Professional Education and Services professionalism, school parties, stakeholders, and Allah SWT. During the preparation, I received help and encouragement from various parties so that this report can be resolved properly. For that, I did not forget to thank:

1. Drs. Yoyo Waluyo, Principal SMK PGRI 2 Cimahi who have received and provide facilities to the practitioner in performing activities of PPL.
2. Drs. Komarudin, M Ed, MM as Vice Principal Curriculum Section
3. Mercy Riyanto, S. Pd, as the Vice Principal of Student Section
4. Marlina Nur, as Vice Principal Means Section
5. Drs. Jojo Riza, Deputy Head of School of Public Relations
6. Dra. Heraeni Tanuatmodjo, MM, as the Supervisor who has provided guidance and support to authors in order to undergo the process of PPL with maximum
7. Tita Rosita, S. Pd, and Drs. Riza Jojo as Outstanding Lecturer who has provided guidance, moral support to the practitioner so that the experience for PPL to be fun and can be the foundation for the future.
8. Mr. and Mrs. Teacher Lecturer SMK PGRI 2 Cimahi, which helps praktikan during running PPL
9. The entire Administrative staff and employees SMK PGRI 2 Cimahi have menyediakaan infrastructure needed by the practitioner
10. All students of SMK PGRI 2 Cimahi who have received and warmly welcomed us while in SMK PGRI 2 Cimahi
11. Friends praktikan arms of Accounting Education 2009 UPI Bandung.
12. Praktikan friends STKIP Pasundan Cimahi and all other parties that I can not mention one by one.


I realized that I had made the report is still far from perfection, both in terms of content and in terms of grammar used. Therefore, I welcome any suggestions and constructive criticism so that the future can be better. Final word I say Thank You.

Cimahi, May 2013



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