Why Do Kids Crave Magic?

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There’s something about kids that the adults envy. Maybe it’s their youth and energy, their innocence, or their happiness in the littlest things. Or probably their high hopes and strong impulse for adventures. But perhaps, we envy that they can slay a dragon with their mighty sword and save the princess, become a wizard and invent potions to cure every disease, fly to the moon and make friends in other planets, make allies with a vicious wolf pack, or turn the evil witch into an adorable chubby hamster. Maybe that’s what makes children special, their belief in magic. And seeing these kids get hooked up in their own little magical world badly reminds us of the times we once had our own enchanted land, and now gone.

Magic opens the doors to imagination and lights up excitement within children. See the reaction when you play magic tricks to a kid? Their eyes lit up in surprise.  After a while, they do these tricks to you and to almost everybody they know. But what’s so special about magic that kids seem to love them?


Well, one reason is the sense of surprise. The delight they feel whenever imagination and expectations are bent. Kids are explorers, which is why they easily get bored in playing the same toy. Bring them a new one and they will suddenly feel perked up. Same principle lies in magic. Magic is designed to “defy” reality and expectation. That’s why kids love seeing magic tricks as it simply shows that there are more than two sides of the coin.


Kids also love the sense of mystery in magic. They can never sit still unless they debunk the tricks. They ask the magicians and almost every adult they know about how the tricks are done. Some kids even try to outsmart the magicians, which is always a delight to see. And from all those asking around, some kids even end up dreaming to become magicians one day.


This is probably the most obvious factor—magic is fun. And what kid wouldn’t love to have fun? Magic brings happiness and joy to every child. There seem to be no kid who doesn’t enjoy magic. On birthdays or any kind of kid parties, notice how no one is left out from the circle that gathered around the clown or magician. Every one of them wants to watch the tricks and is eager to learn.


Magic brings hope to kids. It shows that fun and wonders doesn’t stop once you grow up. Magic tells you that nothing is impossible and others shouldn’t tell you otherwise. It tells to kids that imagination is a super power, exploration is strength, and curiosity is armor. Once they possess these, they can be anything they want to be.

So for adults, do not discourage kids once they tell you they want to be the next Houdini or David Copperfield. Because magic’s very mission is to tell kids they are bound to do greatness and amaze the world with what they can do.


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