Learn Why Kettlebell Exercise Routines Are So Powerful

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These days its common to see all types of experienced athletes including Olympic athletes and weightlifters, using kettlebells as the key tool in their exercise routines.

The reason is becasue there really are a huge amount of benefits to working with kettlebells.

The obvious advantages are that they’;;re cost-effective and enable you to exercise anywhere. They make the pain of having to queue for any exercise machine or pay exorbitant gym fees, a thing of the past.

Even if you are travelling somewhere, you can fit in a great a fat-blasintg workout.

Unlike benches and other equipment like bikes and treadmills, kettlebells take up next to no space. That means you’;;ll be able to just place them away inside a cupboard where you’;;re finished.

The third advantage is the fact that some of the best fat blasting workouts in the world are performed with kettlebells.

What exactly is it about kettlebells that makes them burn fat so quickly? Can’;;t you just use a dumbbell?

The difference is due to the way that the weight is distributed. In a kettlebell the weight is really concentrated away from the handle in the bell.

The result is that any exercises performed with kettlebells becomes a whole lot more tough than when simply using a dumbbell.

You may be put off by this.

The truth is though, that the much more stress your body is put under the more muscle will end up getting activated. And that means considerably more calories get burned along with more fat burning enzymes getting released.

The net result is that you lose weight at a much faster rate.

Kettlebells require quite a lot of stabilisation work to be done by the whole body, especially the core. So nearly every kettlebell exercise will also be strengthening your abs and back at the same time. This will make it a great deal more difficult to get injured.

These two reasons alone are what makes kettlebells such an excellent tool for full body transformation.

It’;;s not just the fat loss that kettlebells offer that makes them so helpful.

Your heart will likely be pumping out of your chest for those who use them correctly. You might not specifically like the sound of that but in the end your entire body will thank you.

Overall your conditioning, power, self-confidence and happiness should all be boosted when following the right kettlebell exercise routines.

Among the biggest difficulties in sticking with any fat loss plan will be the boredom that starts to set in immediately after the initial “buzz” and excitement has worn off.

All my personal trainees tell me that kettlebells are a lot more fun than the normal exercise they do.

The great thing about kettlebells is that you don’;;t need to keep doing the same workout all of the time. You can alter your routine every single time, so that it stays fresh and doesn’;;t gets stale or boring.

That tends to make it substantially easier to stick with your weight loss program.

I’;;ve seen the fastest fat loss in my clients when I’;;ve got them performing these specific exercises: kettlebell swings, deadlifts, rows, squats and lunges.

Kettlebell swings are so good that if you could only do one particular exercise for weight loss ever, then they would be my choice.

You might struggle to get the form correct initially as it is a tricky exercise to do correctly. But when you master it you are going to thankful you stuck with it, because the results are well worth the effort.

It goes without  saying that you are going to get the very best overall weight loss if you make sure to also follow a diet filled with lean protein and vegetables. This will allow you to get your dream ideal physique, in the quickest time.

The bottom line is that you simply can not beat kettlebells and if you are not using them in your workouts then you should fix that immediately.


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