Option to view mdi extension file in MS Office 2007

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MDI or .mdi (Microsoft Document Imaging) file extensions are, used for Microsoft Office Document Imaging. This is a file format which allows you to store, scanned images by page layout, and often also called Tagged Image File Format. You can use the Microsoft Office Document Imaging tool to open and save these kind of files both in .mdi or .tiff format. Both the formats are recognized by Opticle Charecter Recognization, along with images.

Sometimes, we face difficulties viewing these extension files in MS Office 2007. Just because one or the other reason. One of the common reason may be that you created that MDI file in earlier version of MS Office. Or just dint select to install this Microsoft Office Document Imaging while installing your MS Office 2007 on your Desktop or Laptop.

But no need to worry, if you are facing problem to view these files, as you have few options to view those files.

1. If you have OneNotes page, on your PC or Laptop, just insert or drage and drop that .mdi file into it and you may view the page instantly.

2. If you dont have that OneNotes, you can choose the second but permanent solution to this problem, that is, you may install your MS Office Document Imaging on your PC by the follwing steps:

a. Go to control Panel, select “uninstall a program” link under programs section.

b. High Microsoft office 2007 (it may show ultimate, Enterprise, Professional, Small Business, Home and Student, etc).

c. Click on “Change” located on the navigation link near the top of the window.

d. Select “Add or Remove Features” then click “Continue”.

e. Expand “Office Tools” section.

f. Click on the drop down list for “Microsoft Office Document Imaging” and select “Run all from My Computer”.

g. Click “Continue”.

h. Click “Close” when installation done.

You may require to restart the Computer once, you have finish Installation.

A new virtual printer “Microsoft Office Document Imaging Writer” is created and allows you to view MDI format files(a TIFF variant). And from now onwards you should be able to open any MDI files by simply double click on them.


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