Take Clearer, Better Close-Up Shots

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If you’re like me, you only have a digital camera that isn’t way above your budget.  Saying that, I bet you would still like to use your camera to the best of its abilities.  Well, I’ve found one way to enjoy my camera more, and that’s to take detailed pictures.  Perhaps, you can join in on the fun as well.

1.  Starting off and most importantly, you need something to rest your camera on.  Close-up pictures, also known as macro photograhy, are difficult to take because even the slightest of jiggle can ruin shots.  Stack of books, cans, cups, and containers are examples of great levitation devices for your camera.

2.  Second, put your camera in the “macro” mode.  You can find this by pressing on the button that has a picture of a plant (flower, stem, and 2 leaves), which is usually around the “menu” button.

3.  Once you’ve activated your “macro” mode, put your camera on the levitation tool.  Move your levitation tool along with the camera, and zoom in and out until you get the focus you want.  Then settle, and snap.

4.  If your camera flashes while on the “macro” mode, simply turn the flash off.  To do this, you need to find the button that has a lightning picture on it.  When you’ve turned off the flash, make sure you have another source of light (perhaps natural light from the sun, or surrounding lights from the room).  Then once again, settle, and snap.

5.  Snap, snap, snap.  It’s important to take more than one shot of a picture.  You’ll never know if the next one will the best of all (between 4 and 7 is ideal).


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