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I  have given much thought to the modern complexities of human life and find neither the old values nor present ideologies are conducive to peace and stability. Before the advent of the scientific age, we were living with a faith which served the mankind from the painful enquiry about the intangible and the incomprehensible. Our faith in the super power explain to our full satisfaction the curious phenomena of nature.

Modern discoveries have generated a chain of new thinking which, as our knowledge of the universe and the cosmos widens,  subject us to more mental exercise and consequent strains. The old faith is shattered and a crossroad in human thinking has been reached. Men have lost their sense of direction, groping in  labyrinth of the unknown.  Life has become intolerable and the faith so far sustaining mankind, ignorant of the mysteries of nature and potency of matter has become incompatible  with the demands of life in the modern age,  creating confusion and bewilderment with every discovery. One feels helpless to accommodate himself in the changing world of new emerging ideas. Now one thing is certain. We can’t neglect the importance of material values in life nor can live at peace with old values in the context of the changed human outlook. The old values have ceased to sustain themselves. I therefore feel a fortiori that no system or order can keep off the conflicts of daily life with old ideas which are getting absolute every day with new discovery in the field of science and technology. It has therefore, become expedient to break away from the old and come out of the social, moral or ethical conventions  and acknowledge the nascent ideas to free our thoughts from their limitations; visible or invisible, internal or external, subtle or crude. Such mental reservation has been a source of pain and anguish due to scruples that curb our freedom of action. Here arise the mental conflicts. Truths, heretofore, obsolete have now become relative. The old ceases to have much sense. Men have to adapt to the situations they have to face so as to meet demands of life for survival.  New concepts, new vision, new values govern there instinct and mould them as there requirements. And inhibited approach towards the rationalization of thoughts, would undoubtedly create conflict in society and turmoil in life.  But we can’t do it being victim of our own mental incapability. We all cannot reach the same level of mental capabilities. Our interpretation and scrutiny of whole value in the light of emerging new values cannot necessity. And we fight and create chances in the world to dominate it with our power and views. History tells us how some of the religion of the world were spread under duress.   It further increase conflict and tension in the society. We deploy force to maintain peace. To secure peace we use violent means though every now and then we decry violence. We created nuclear and other deadly weapons of lethal potency to ensure and era of peace and prosperity. By whatever method we try we can’t ensure peace due to inherent weakness of men. Men have not learn to be govern by rules of law. They have failed to response to the tenets of religion.  They don’t often cherish the need of compassion in dealing with fellow beings. Honesty, integrity and other such subtle instinct do not impress them. Self to them is more important than anything else. This self consist of covetousness ego passion and atavism.  We have failed to create conditions for peace and order in human society.  Our failure is not due to lack of efforts rather it is due to the all dominating atavistic instinct of men. Hence to live at peace to our perfect pleasure let there be no curve on our instinct by legislations, my social and ethical codes. Our long experience have found these quite ineffective. Let us not developed  scruples or inhibitions as a prerogative of any faith or religion. In short let there be no order in our life or in the conglomerate of men called all society so that men may be free to have there own way in complete freedom creating absolute disorder. From this alone would emerge the universal truth transcending the conflicts of life. It is well known that life is a battle and in battles there can be only chaos and disorder. Orders comes only when the battle is won. And it is only the winner who decides what to do with the vanquished and how to create order in his realm.  Based on this analogy, one can arrive at the only conclusion that rational anarchism is the only order from which shall emerge universal order in disorder in which human beings will exercise the natural freedom of the mind and body to enjoy life. Thus will evolve an outlook for men to imbibe human  qualities, Nature is a potent factor governing the conduct of human beings and they cannot afford to live peacefully in conflict with it. Their wildness when trimmed by their excesses, a different society and culture shall emerge in which men can live peacefully coexisting with the spirit of nature.


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