The wallet

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For first few yards, I dragged myself on my feet and then by a bus which was crowded but had no specific destination. Inside the bus I was jostled from one end to the other as I was standing on my one foot having no room for resting the other. I was perspiring copiously and cursing the day, the rush inside the bus and the little devil who caused me such undeserved pain and agony. After sometime which seemed to me like ages, I found a haggard looking woman who was past her prime, vacating her seat at a stop and I flew for life to grab the seat and succeeded. I was so happy at this chance and bumped on the seat to test its springy cushion. Something soft pricked my hump but I did not care. One who has the good fortune of riding the metropolitan buses know the rhythm of terrific motion he has to give Company to. To keep my balance I had to keep swinging with the jarring speed of the bus jolting my bones every now and then. As the bus was gaining speed, the pricking down under became more and more distasteful and unconsciously I touched the agent causing me additional inconvenience. I saw it in my hand. It was a fat brown leather wallet. At once I became aware of the eyes of passengers about me. They were making swinging motion to the accompaniment of the jolts so marvelously being transmitted to their bodies and they were absorbing the Shocks, praying God for their safe journey with their eyes closed. This is what I thought about them. But fear took over me fear of detection and humiliation. I quickly replace the wallet behind my hump and once again I furtively I inspected the eyes of the co travelers and finding none interested in me of my motive, I pushed my hand behind and surreptitiously picked the wallet and restored it to the side pocket of my pant. I looked around again to assure that no one was watching me. But fear over took me as I apprehended the appearance of the owner of the wallet in its search on the scene and finding me as a culprit. This thought gave me a creep and quickly I transferred the wallet like a hot potato from my pocket to the folds of the seat behind me. But my temptation was getting stronger and I did not want to lose it after I was providentially given a chance to avail of the windfall as I thought. For a man of moderate means like me, who was also honest and fair in the worldly dealings, chances were meager for any such occasion like this. I wished and prayed God that the claimant may not appear before me and I reached home safely the bus however reached the station. I dexterously picked up the wallet, transferred it to the pocket of my pant and quickly got down at the stop. Still I didn’t feel secure and amazing the owner of the wallet following me, I walked briskly towards the crowed at the railway station so that I may be lost in it making detection difficult. Making a detour I reached the station. By this time I had lost my nerve and was very nervous. I felt that it was an act of crime and I must be caught red handed and sent to a jail. I could not throw it away because it would arouse suspicion and invite detection. I was now in a real jam, perspiring profusely and shaking like a leaf out of nervousness. At last out of desperation, as fear had taken a firm hold of me, I decided to meet my destiny with fortitude. I stood steadily and defiantly at the steps of the stairs leading to the railway platform, with my hand in the pocket clutching the wallet, I watched people surging towards me and every time I looked at the vast multitude in the spacious front of the platform, the only way through which to pass to reach the platform, my heart stopped beating due to fear.

                                                                                                          to be continued………  


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