Spain Reign in Football Has Brought to an End?

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Everybody knows that in last 5 years period, the world of football has been occupied by Spain. La Furia Roja claimed European champion at 2008, later followed by the highest achievement in World Cup 2010. Not only in national team level, Spain’;s domination is also shown in club level. Barcelona, which most of its players are also Spain national team member, got 2 UCL (Uefa Champion League) title in 2008 and 2010. Not to mention this team also won world football club tournament in 2009.With famous “tiki-taka” (short pass and possession football system) supported by combination of senior and young players-which are keep rejuvenated, Spain is predicted to prolong its ascendancy until 10 years ahead.

However, the pessimistic thought rises after Spain’;s downfall recently. It is started about few months ago, when two of Spain representatives, the mighty duo Barcelona and Real Madrid were beaten by Germany clubs Bayern Muenchen and Borussia Dortmund in UCL semifinal. Barcelona even suffered from humiliating score , 0-7 in aggregate. A results that everybody wouldn’;t believe at that time. This condition is getting worse since Spain national team was badly defeated by Brazil (0-3) in Confederation Cup Final few days ago. 

Most of football expert conclude that Spain’;s regression nowadays is because “tiki-taka” system has meet its counter-strategy. They say “footbonaut” (football system developed by Germany tactician, the basic concept is to encourage players to react quicker in making accurate pass as well as cutting opponent’;s pass) is the only tactic to bury “tiki-taka”. But in fact, Brazil, without applying footbonaut, could vanquish Spain in big margin too. They just put simply ultra offensive football with 3 strikers and 1 attacking midfielder.

Adressing that results, Spain’;s coach Vicente Del Bosque said that what they experienced in Confederation Cup couldn’;t be used as actual standard of Spain performance because Brazil had advantage as host and had one more day recovery time than his team. In addition, he also promised Spain would revenge in real contest, World Cup 2014. So, It’;s too early to declare Spain era of football is really over now, but saying they will have harder challenges in front of them is undeniable.


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