Getting Fit With Aerobics Part I

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Aerobics are a very vigorous workout routine. There are many different exercises that can
be considered aerobic exercises. I have found about nine different types. There is aerobic
dancing, bicycling, swimming, running, climbing stairs, walking, rollerblading, cross
country skiing and rope jumping.

Let’s look at rope jumping, workouts target your legs and stomach, arms and back, also
your chest and shoulders. You can do many different rope jumping routines. One way
might be to just jumping with two feet, or hopping on one foot rotating between both feet.
You may also try the knee lift, which is jumping rope and lifting your leg and bending at
the knee. Rotating from foot to foot for a well balanced workout routine. Then there is the
leg cross, while jumping cross your legs and land, rotating between crossed and

Climbing stairs, is pretty much, just that. You can use equipment, such as a stair stepper
or just regular stairs. Walk up the stairs and then down repeating until you have reached
your desired routine goal. This aerobic exercise is for the lower body, working your

Aerobic dancing can be done using a video or your own music with a high number of
beats per minute. There is also step aerobics that is stepping up down with the use of a
platform while listening to fast music. There are many videos available for these two
types of aerobic dancing. This workout works your lower body and some upper body

Walking can be performed to work your legs muscles. If you walk with your arming
swinging, it can be an upper body workout also. You may choose to do a brisk walk, race
walk or a stroll. A brisk walk would be walking about 4 miles per hour with arm motion.
A stroll would be at a speed of 3 mile per hour with arms just hanging. A race walk
would include quick steps at about 5 mile per hour with arms bent at your elbows.


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