The dangers … flip-flops!

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When we asked what types of shoes are most harmful to the back and feet, it is often the high heels we think first. The reputation of stilettos 10cm high is more to do about it, but it is perhaps surprising to learn that another kind of shoes, different shoes very dizzy, could join them on blacklisted. This is the famous flip-flops or sandals, the seemingly harmless.

With summer fast approaching, these minimalist sandals will soon be all feet, town and beach. Attention ladies! Wear flip flops all day long from June to September may end up causing you discomfort of various kinds, such as back pain or sore feet.

Foot problem

If flip-flops often cause sore feet, it is mainly because their sole is not designed to absorb shocks and they offer foot and ankle a very deficient medium.

This is the heel that cash!

While high heels, because of their height precisely, are dangerous to the toes because they must bear too much weight, flip-flops, they are too flat and too low. So the heel that suffers the most. This is part of our foot absorbs more shock when we walk, it is important to protect it with a good sole, albeit fairly flat, but also sufficiently cushioned. However, flip-flops have very inadequate soles. Those who are too often may possibly end up developing chronic heel pain, and even more serious conditions such as plantar fasciitis or heel spurs.

Plantar fasciitis and heel spur

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia, which can cause severe pain in the arch of the foot or heel. As for the heel spur, it often occurs in cases of chronic plantar fasciitis. It is a bony outgrowth that develops inside of the foot and remains in place even when fasciitis is treated.

The heel spur is not painful in itself. As for fasciitis, although there are many highly effective ways to treat people who have suffered are more likely than average to suffer again later in life. This is especially true if they do not change their harmful habits, such as wearing inappropriate footwear.

Risk of injury of any kind

In addition to the pain and the injury, wearing flip-flops leads to a greater risk of injury than the shoes that provide good support to the foot and ankle. Sprains, strains and fractures to the ankle can occur very quickly, so it is not recommended to practice a sport with wearing sneakers. If you want a small round of beach volleyball, be sure to carry around with you a good pair of running shoes to avoid being on crutches for a few days or weeks!

Finally, since the flip-flops do not cover the foot, they make it more vulnerable to various surrounding dangers, such as injuries caused by sharp objects that may have been forgotten on the ground inadvertently (nails, broken glass, etc.. )

Back problems

The flip flops are also very bad for posture, which can cause various back problems. As to prevent the feet out of these minimalist shoes, they tend to curl our toes, our whole way of walking that is modified. It tends to make smaller steps and the angle of the ankle is affected by this change. Ultimately, the risk of developing problems with hips or back are greatly increased.

What to do to minimize the risks?

Despite these caveats, the fact remains that the flip-flops are attractive when it is 30 ˚ C in the shade! Do not worry, you do not have to do without completely. It is only important to alternate wearing flip flops with wearing other shoes are better suited to our body.

Caution! Ballerinas, so popular they also often have gaps very similar to those flip-flops, due to the thinness of their sole and they provide little support to the foot. They do not represent an ideal alternative for those days when you want to give some relief to your poor aching tootsies.

Turn instead to a sports shoe or walking, the better for your feet and back. Side sandals, remember that there are who, with their good rubber sole and safe belts, offer nearly as adequate as closed shoes support.

Some manufacturers even begin to put on the market flops better suited to fight against back problems and feet. It is therefore possible to face the hot summer days toes in the open air, but without jeopardizing his health. Just simply to successfully find the Shoe Fits!


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