Important Information about Warm Ups

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Warm ups are very important to do before performing any kind of exercise. They will help
loosen your body up to prevent injury and cramping during your exercise routine. You
should never consider exercising without warm ups. There are many different ways you
can warm up. I little discuss a few of them and explain the purpose. As you will see,
these warm ups are easy and simple.

If by any chance, you are going to be running, jogging or swimming, you may just start out
slowly to warm up. For running, you could start walking gradually work into a jog, and
then into full running. The same is true for jogging and swimming, start out slow and
work into a full exercise. You may also decide to do other types of warm ups. This will
help your body loosen up and be totally ready for the full routine.

Other type warms ups could consist of just plain shrugging your shoulders or legs off to
the side and lifting. These are two different types of stretching warm ups. Shrugging your
shoulders is just that, shoulders up, shoulders down. Do this about 6 to 7 times. Legs off
the side can be done by facing a table and holding on while lift your leg and move out to
the side. Then repeat this with the other leg rotating back and forth. Do this stretch for
about 6 to 7 times. These are just a few different types of warm ups to do. Starting with
something slowly, getting ready for your fitness routine.


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