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side effects of accidents

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An accident is an invent that occurs that is not planned for and has negative effects not only on property, but also to the lives of human being and other living creatures. One of such events is car accidents. Car accident is not only a traumatic event, the shock it causes and other resultant issues can be so great that it can easily overwhelm even the most stoic individuals. This has created the need for researchers to do lots of studies and know the exact extent a car accident can affect the life of an individual involved.

Maintaining good health is very important to everyone. With stresses that come with modern day pressures of life, the needs to maintain good health can easily shift into an individual’s full-time job. With each of the stress that adds into an individual’s life such as marriage problems, education problems and financial problems, the harder it becomes for the individual to achieve good health. This can even be more complicated when the same individual sustains body injury as in case of involvement in a car accident. A traumatic event as spell out by the American Psychiatric Association is one in which the involved person experiences, witnesses or is confronted with an event which caused or threatened to cause death. Traumatic events also include events that cause injuries. This leads to Acute Stress Disorder commonly abbreviated as ASD. Although Acute Stress Disorder is a more temporary disorder compared to the more dangerous Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the condition still has great impacts on its victims.

There are many health effects associated with getting involved in an accident. Most of these effects are quite notable and hence deserve being given serious considerations. One of the car accident medical consequences is driving phobia. Just like other phobias, driving phobia is fear of driving and is a very serious concern in mental health. This phobia can lead to other problems such as monetary problems especially if you depend on driving to go to job or your career is driving. Driving or being a passenger in a car greatly heightens the phobia. Studies have shown that driving phobia affects between 10 to 18 % of crash victims. This is quite a significant number.

Another car accident medical consequence is trauma. The duration of trauma is not constant and varies with individual. The main factors that affect how long the trauma lasts are individual’s personality, the kind of network support an individual gets and also the kind of injury the person gets form the accident. Studies published by Taylor and Koch in 1995 suggested that about 30% of accident victims usually gets PTSD. This kind of victims will take as early as three months to recover form the incident while other may take as long as 24 months from the day of the accident. To improve the impact of PTSD on car accident victims, medical and psychological intervention is required.

To ensure that you do not add more stress to your life by doing the paperwork involving the accident, it is advisable that an individual get a lawyer to do the work for you. This will give you the time to go for emotional support and also hang together with your family.



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