Strategies of Successful Language Learners.

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After interviewing quite a few students I found large number of similarities between the responses of my students in relation to their attitudes towards learning English and their way of going about such learning. The following is a summary of my findings, and some of the results may not be overly surprising but it is often the simple things that are the most important.

Firstly all the students I talked to mentioned how they found English to be useful for them and to play a part in their plans for their future and their success in their lives. I think this is important for motivational reasons, if you are learning a language and you don’t have any clear use or reason for doing so, obviously you arn’t going to invest so much time in it.

Secondly all the students mentioned that they found English to be interesting, the reasons for this differed but they all still agreed on this main fact. The students also mentioned how they received strong parental support to learn English, although none of the students I interviewed actually had parents with a strong level of English langauge ability, so there wasn’t any strong examples of role models present among the students I talked to.

In relation to how they learnt the language, the students were all consistant in menitoning how they studied the language frequently, many as often as once or twice a day. And that the students all tried to find ways to not only study the language but also to use, or experience, the language in an interesting way. Some students mentioned reading for enjoying, or listening to music or movies in the target language extensively. One students stressed the importance of using language so much that she even mentioned how some times she’d walk down the street and mummer quietly in English under her breath.

These are the main findings so far, hope this proves useful!


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