Friday, December 15

What To Consider When Buying, A Used Mini-Excavators

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Open any newspaper and you are inundated with ads that peddle mini excavators for sale, backhoes for sale along with mini excavator attachments of all types. All ads claim that they have the best mini excavator, but how do make sure that the mini-excavator that you choose is the right one and that it will give you years of unblemished and maintenance free service.

The prime reason why there are so many mini excavators for sale, is that companies and individuals prefer to buy them rather than rent them for their specific purposes and once the purpose is served want to discard them. Most of these mini excavators are good value for money and worth buying, provided you inspect them properly before buying them.

Know exactly what job you intend to do with the machine. This will help determine the size of the machine. A smaller machine may not have the capacity to undertake strenuous work and may prove to be ineffective, whereas buying a larger machine, when a smaller one would have sufficed, will entail unnecessary costs. For one, the larger machine will cost more and secondly it will consume more fuel, further adding to the expenses.

While perusing the mini excavator for sale advertisement, check out the size of the buckets. The bucket size should be compatible with the machine – an oversize bucket could cause the machine to topple, which can be extremely hazardous. Furthermore, the incorrect bucket size will negatively impact output and usefulness.

Tell the sellers that before you are going to part with your hard earned cash, you would like to check the condition of the machine personally. If the sellers decline your request, assume that they have something to hide and avoid buying from them.

However, if you are granted consent, check the condition of the rubber tracks and ensure that the treading is all right and will not need replacement. Also check the wear and tear of the boom pins and bushings. This you can only assess if you are familiar with how the machine operates. It would be prudent to take an excavator operator with you, who can be relied upon to give you honest answers.


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