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Do you have 4 pm limp hair?Get your hair drunk.It actually works.After reading the article you will get to know it soon.

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You decide to spend an extra half hour in the morning to style your hair for work. You are welcomed with several compliments before you’ve had your morning coffee. But post the lunch, your hair starts returning to its limp and lifeless self. And by 4pm you wish you could just go home and wash it. 
When your hairstyle starts losing its charm through the day, here’s a few hair care tips to bring it back to life.
Tease please
Teasing the first few inches of your hair will add instant fullness to your locks. Remember to stick to one direction while doing so, which is from root outwards. 
Change side
Styling your hair in a particular manner makes it set in that manner and can make it look limp over time. If you’ve stuck to a centre parting, try a side one or back comb your hair. 
Be a baby
Baby powder when put on your hair, absorbs the excess oil that can cause tresses to become limp. Use a paddled brush after dusting a fine amount of the powder into the roots for an even more voluminous look. 
While these three tips can tackle limp hair, well nourished locks will look gorgeous for long without much effort. To keep styled hair in place, use a range of hair care products with Keratin, which can provide proteins to your hair and keep them healthy.

Get your hair drunk

Have you tried any of these three unique therapies to pamper your tresses yet?
Get drunk
No joke. If the old trick of using beer to get volume wasn’t enough, recent additions to the beauty world describe the benefits of vodka in reducing frizz. A little amount of vodka when mixed with your conditioner works to tame even the toughest of frizzy strands. 
Banana mash-up 
Instead of chucking away overripe bananas, make a paste of them and mix it with whole milk. Apply the mixture on your tresses for half an hour before washing off to ultra shiny and soft hair. 
Bebeautiful tip: Make sure that the bananas are completely blended to form a thick liquid solution; else banana chunks may cling on to your strands stiffly.
Mayo love 
Mayonnaise being high in fat content provides extra conditioning and vital oils to your strands, making them softer. It’s a great remedy for dry hair to provide added nourishment. 

Kitchen secrets for your hair

While you’re hunting the market for the right products, what your hair most craves may be right there in your fridge, of all places!  Here are the ingredients for the perfect hair care recipe. 

• A mixture of two whole eggs and a few drops of olive oil is a tried-and-tested therapy for ultra soft hair. Leave the paste in for about 30 minutes before washing off. 

• Prepare a mixture of curd, lemon juice and olive oil and spread it over your hair. Leave in for 20 minutes before washing it off with a shampoo. 

• Aloe Vera gel works wonderfully on girls with dry hair. A 10 minute massage with the product can help strengthen the roots and add shine to your hair. Weak roots can be a primary cause of hair fall. If you are losing too much hair, use a product that can tackle it from the roots. 

• Apply a paste of two egg yolks and one tablespoon of mayonnaise on your hair shafts and leave it in for 15 minutes. The mayo softens hair effectively and the egg provides the protein to make it strong. 


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