Friday, December 15

Love such a strong and wonderful thing to experience

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Love… That thing called love is quiet mysterious. It’;;;;;;;;;s the best feeling in the world, some people say it’;;;;;;;;;s not there but they just haven’;;;;;;;;;t found it. Rome wasn’;;;;;;;;;t built in a day you know it takes time to built and find a relationship. I use to be a Gal who thought I loved the guys I was with. Until I met the man of my life, The one I’;;;;;;;;;m with now he made me realize I never knew what real love was until I met him. Everyone prior to him wasn’;;;;;;;;;t real. This feeling is amazing. Being away from them for even a short amount of time you feel sick without them. Never give up don’;;;;;;;;;t go out looking for love. Let love find you. And once it finds you it will be the best feeling. Love is like a rollar coaster it has it’;;;;;;s up and downs but always hold on. No matter how hard things get give it your all and work things out. Never take your love one forgranted.

Always remember they put up with you and love and care for you. Don’;;;;;;t let anything get in the way of your love. It’;;;;;s your love no on elses don’;;;;;t let people ruin what you have. Fight for it for as long as you live. Because if it’;;;;;s true every bit of it will be utterly amazing and you wouldn’;;;;;t change anything for the world. They are your world, your missing puzzle piece. Always keep all this in your mind. You just got to hang by your loved ones side through thicke and thin. Always, always, always be there for them no matter what. You know it’;;;s true love if they are every hope,dream, and wish you ever wanted. They will always be on your mind and being away from them kills. Even a second away from them seems like an eternity. Love it’;;s not something you decide to feel, it just happens. You can’;;t keep your eyes off them and just seeing them smile makes your day a million times better.


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