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Fire Fighting Systems, Fire Extinguisher Manufacturers & Suppliers, Fire Safety Equipments

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Safety is the utmost consideration where risks are involved. Do not play with fire & avoid taking risk as it may result in the worst situations hence it is recommended it install fire extinguishers to avoid such situations. One of the leading Fire Fighting Contractors is Creatives Engineering. Fire Safety Equipments are metal cylinders filled with water or a smothering material. At the top of the cylinder, there is a smaller cylinder filled with a compressed gas. A release valve keeps the compressed gas from escaping. To use the extinguisher, you pull out the safety pin and depress the operating lever. We are one of the prominent manufacturers of Fire Safety Equipment in India. We expertise in manufacturing a variety of Fire Fighting Systems. We provide a wide range of Quality Fire Fighting Products. Our foremost motive is client satisfaction. They are easy to install, use and maintain.

We are supplier of Fire Protection Equipments. These Equipments include CO2 Fire Extinguishers & Dry Powder A B C Type Fire Extinguishers. We provide efficient CO2 type Extinguishers in which CO2 gas rapidly starves the fire of oxygen thereby extinguishing it within seconds. We provide superior quality of Dry Powder Extinguishers with latest materials & technologies. Our Safety Extinguishers are light weight & easy to install. In order to save lives and property, Fire Fighting Systems must be employed in fire risk places. We use latest technologies to manufacture Fire Safety Equipments. We have skilled professionals for designing of Fire Safety Equipments. We supply wide range of Fire Fighting Equipments to home, businesses, institutes, schools, colleges etc. We install these Equipments where you want.


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