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Green Energy Booster Juice Coffee Substitute

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Coffee does much been a lot of people to be literate. However, if taken too often can be bad for health. There is no harm in adopting a healthy lifestyle by getting rid of the coffee habit and replace it with a glass of green juice.

This green juice can make the drinker more energetic. Reported Fitsugar, Tuesday (11/06/2013), founder of Urban Remedy, Neqa Pasquelq, share a drink recipe that is low in sugar but high in nutrients and provide more energy the body needs.

“Glycemic green juice is the best option to give a boost of energy that the body needs,” says Neka. “With the addition of a little sugar can cause a spike in energy levels in the body. Ingredients in the following recipes to meet the body’;s nutritional intake,” he added.

Here are some greens that can generate energy in the body:

1. Cucumber
Cucumber contains phytonutrient that can provide important antioxidant for the body, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer. Neka said, cucumber contains Vitamin B to help lower levels of support for the body’;s energy.

2. Spinach
This green vegetable is a nutritional powerhouse like the serial kartunPopeye. Spinach is high in iron, and iron deficiency together with lack of energy.

3. Celery
By Neka, celery juice fast increase of energy in the body and is rich in vitamins and minerals.
It is also very high water content which helps remove toxins.

4. Parsley
This energy-producing chlorophyll can help to build red blood cells, which is equivalent to a higher energy level. Also according to Neka, parsley also freshen breath and improve cell oxygenation, which supports detoxification.

The following recipes are low glycemic green juice can be applied in the development of everyday life in order to increase the energy in the body.


4 leaves of organic kale lacinato

1 organic cucumber

3 cups organic spinach

5 celery stalks organic

1/2 bunch organic parsley

How to Make:

Wash all ingredients, drain, and input into the juicer. Juice parsley and kale contain ingredients that higher water content like cucumbers and celery. Drink one glass soon after served, remaining juice should be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container and consume within 3 days.

Recipe note:

If this recipe is less sweet organic apples should add a half and a quarter of organic ginger to taste sweet and spicy. You can also add two small bits of green colored, this bit will provide additional sweetness and extra energy.


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