Wednesday, December 13

7 Activity That Waste Time in the Gym

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Going to the gym for a workout in the midst of often not easy. Unfortunately, a golden opportunity to go to the gym just is not utilized optimally because a lot of time wasting activities without realizing we are doing. What are the events that waste of time?

1. Too much talk
Socializing with colleagues is often done in the gym. Actually it is good to add to the motivation. The problem is, when there are differences in the duration of exercise that you do and colleagues, it can reduce the effectiveness of each individual sport. So, make sure you and your partner have the same planning exercise to be effective.

2. Relaxed and slow 
Reading magazine while walking on a treadmill may sound casual. But the gym is not the right place to relax. Optimize your time on the treadmill with a focus on exercise and burn calories.

3. Do not have a plan
If you go to the gym and not sure what to do, efforts to try to determine the proper exercise can be a waste of time. So before going to the gym, you should first exercise plan what you will do.

4. Plenty of rest
Keeping a steady heart rate is the key to a successful exercise. Too much rest will get your heart rate is not stable, then the limit breaks in between training sessions to get the optimum benefit from the exercise.

5. Too long in the locker room
If you do not focus, time in the locker room has the potential to be a major distraction from exercise plan. For example, opening the phone when in the locker room could gain time for stocking into 20 minutes, and so on.

6. Only use tools / machines
Machinery / equipment can certainly help shape specific muscles, but if too often you will waste time because no muscles in its entirety. So in addition to using the machine, you should also perform movements that train the entire muscle.

7. Not knowing what to do
Try new exercises certainly a challenge. But if you do not get instruction and advice before, may actually cause injury and exercise will not be effective. Need to learn exercises to be performed, as well as the purpose for obtaining optimal movement. In addition, you can also try from the ground level before the next level.


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