Monday, December 11

Obesity is Disease

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During this alias obesity overweight only known as a risk factor for many chronic diseases. But recently the largest association of doctors in America recognize that obesity is a disease.

Because it is not considered as a disease, access to care weight loss for obese people are not always covered by insurance companies.

Therefore, the American Medical Association (AMA) recognizes obesity as a disease. This decision is intended to draw attention to the epidemic of obesity, where 1 in 3 Americans are obese.

But it is still considered controversial. Disease is generally defined as an abnormal condition, or a condition that prevents the body to function properly.

“If we call obesity a disease, it means automatic, one-third of Americans are in a state of healthy or sick,” said Dr. Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a general internist at Cambridge Health Alliance, as reported by LiveScience, Thursday (20/06/2013).

Recognition ‘;obesity is a disease’; is also contrary to the recommendation of the AMA committee that has been studying this issue. The Committee suggests that the measurement is often used to categorize people as obese, the Body Mass Index (BMI), have drawbacks. Some people may have a high BMI because it brings a lot of muscle mass, not body fat.

But the decision support ‘;obesity is a disease’; says this way can reduce the stigma of obesity, because it highlights the fact that obesity is not always a matter of self-control.


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