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How to promote you as freelancer free

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People hunt to work as freelancer because they can make money from it. We can make more money as freelancers. To make money, we have to find some projects. To find some projects, we have to promote ourselves. There is something you can do such as:

  1. Post your service at craigslist which is free. The website is full of employee and jobs seekers.  There are so many jobs that you can do such as programming, data entry, writing, and else. It Is free to visit the website. You just need laptop and internet to connect with it. Find the jobs that you can do and pay , of course, good salary.
  2. Use social media

It is a free way to promote your self as freelancers. Be a smart and active in social media. Tweet only he important tweet such as your project, your experience, your offering, and else. Answer correctly other tweeple (twitter user) that ask or mention you. Do not ever tweet something that people do not need it such as where you breakfast, what you eat, what is your girlfriend, and else.

  1. Tell your friend and colleague

Tell your friend that you can finish some jobs. You must have a name card of your business. When they need you, they may call you soon.

  1. Find the community

There are lot freelancer’s communities outside. We can find the community to share your experience and knowledge at the community. Some project or jobs we can get from the community.

If we face the trouble in project, we can ask in the community. Some people will help us to solve the problem. Off course, you can also help people to share the knowledge.

  1. Build a blog

Blog is a way to promote you as a freelancer. You can write about accounting if your jobs is accounting. Starting to write about accounting and what accounting is. Explain clearly how to become accounting. You can continue to advance accounting. Few people will visit your blog and ask some question. Off course, you have to answer the question. They may be interested and they will hire you.



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