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How to Make Friends Without Losing Your Personality

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Have you ever thought of getting along with people but the thought of losing who you are as a person frightens you? There is nothing wrong with getting along with people especially in a world like ours that demands for it, but most times, getting along with people or making friends might be a step to letting your personality into oblivion. There is nothing as frustrating and disheartening as losing who you are as a person while trying to please someone who might not even appreciate what you are doing. So what’s the solution to this problem?
In this article are 6 proven steps or actions that you cfrian take in making friends with people and at the same time keeping your personality and respect.

Define Your Personality

The first thing that you have to do in order not to lose your personality as a person while trying to get along with people is to know firsthand who you are and what you want. What are your preferences? What are your tastes? What are your strengths and weakness? What do you and don’t you like? The answers to those questions can tell you who you really are. You can take out time to find out more of these questions as they relate to you. Once you know your personality as a person, then you can move on to the next line of action which is …

Live Out Your Personality

Knowing your personality is one thing, living it out is another. No one will know you specifically if they do not know what you can or cannot do, what you like or do not like, how you act or do not act. There is a direct correlation between the knowledge of who you are and how you show who you are. People have to see who you are as a person before they can start to accept you for that. 

Find Out Things That Compliment Your Personality

I like movies a lot, and because of that, I watch a lot of movies, visit the cinemas on a regular basis, have lots of movies on my computer and most of the time, stays up all night watching movies. That is who I am and because of that, I had to get a job that compliments my kind of person, live in an apartment where I won’t disturb or be disturbed while watching movies. In this same way, you can find out things that compliment who you are as a person. If you love fashion, then your career choice should be fashion related etc.
Get Closer To People Who Like what You Like
You will always find people that are attracted to same things that you are attracted to as well. If you like to be on your own without much activities going on around you, you would also find people who are the same way as well, in that way you will make friends with people with the same interests as you.

Let Friendship Flow Naturally

Good friendship is like a precious jewel once you have one. But to get or have a good relationship whether with the opposite sex or same sex, you need to let friendship flow naturally without any form of ingenuity or force. The main reason why most people end up losing their personality in a relationship is because they try to force themselves on the other party and before they know what they are doing, they are giving up their uniqueness in order to please the other party.  Once you are meant to be friends with someone, everything will work out just fine.

Create an Atmosphere for Friendship

Defining your personality, living out your personality, finding things that compliment your personality, getting closer to people who like what you like and letting friendship flow naturally will bring the right people to you, but in order to have a good friendship you have to create an atmosphere that is conducive for people to be around you and get along with you. Give people the impression that you are loveable and open to good and loving relationships.
Friendship is easy, fun, loving inspiring, motivating and so much more, with these few tips, I know of a truth that you will get the right kind of person that will compliment who you are as a person and you can make many more friends without losing your personality.


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