Sunday, December 17

Getting a Book Published

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Authors spend years trying to get a books published; sometimes without result. Getting a book published is not an easy task and something that takes time, perseverance, and the ability to adapt in order to do it. The strangest things of our current time is how easy it is to become a published author and how hard it is to publish well. Self-publishing is easy, but arguably the hardest to publish a book well since Amazon accepts any unsolicited manuscripts and turns it into a book. While if you go with a big publisher the chances of making it through an agent and then the acquisition editor are slim, not to mention you are unsure of how many resources the publisher will give a first time author.

In order to get published as an author you will at some point have to choose a route: self-publish or traditional publish. They are very different and require completely different skills and mindsets. Many authors who try the traditional publishing route quit and self-publish only to realize failure. It is not easy to self-publish. You need to be able to network, market, promote, write articles, email, make a website, use social media, and any other means of marketing you have in your pockets. Not to mention that you need money to edit, make cover art, format and market your book.

If you focus your efforts on traditional publishing make sure you find a good agent. A good agent is one of the main differences between getting a book published and not. Look for agent reviews to ensure you don’t have a dope. There are lots of winners so look around. Keep writing; since you didn’t self-publish you have more time to write. The more you write the more you can submit. Publishers don’t want the same submissions they said no to, but if they get a book after a while they may want to publish your previous collection. Make a series as well. Everyone loves reading a series.

No matter which way you choose the life of a writer isn’t easy. It is long and sometimes takes years before getting a book published (even after they choose you). Self-publishing is easier and harder since you have to do the marketing. Whatever you choose getting a book published is a challenge and takes time. Don’t give up; Remember perseverance and dedication. Good luck.


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