Friday, December 15

How to Get Through Your Work Week

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     Have you ever wondered.. How in the world am I going to get through this work week? Here are some suggestions to help you through. 

     Break down the week so it doesn’;t seem so overwhelming. Just this day- just this hour- just this minute.

     Make something to look forward to. Some people can have a big picture, like looking forward to vacation next month. However, most people need to break it down more. For example, after work I can work out, or see my kids, or watch a movie. Make it about you and what you enjoy doing. 

     At work try to tone down the negativity. If the job sucks and the people suck and you hate work in your mind- then it will come to fruition. As much as you hate it- clear that from your mind. Think- no one is talking to me right now, that’;s good! Or I have my own space right now, that’;s nice. Or maybe you do have ONE nice co-worker. It can be what seems like the smallest positive thing in the world, but if it gets you through that moment, then it is a success. Sometimes my positive is that they have a coffee pot at work. You can really get down to the small things! When the negativity comes, write down the positive things that you have. If you can’;t think of positive things at that moment, write them down in advance and read them. It can be a list of simple things at your job, or just life in general. 

     Keep your options open for jobs. If a job prospect falls through, don’;t get the feeling that you are stuck at your job. That thought can bring you down. Think of it as I’;m here now and working toward a different future. 

     The most important thing to know is that you are not alone in your thinking and feelings. You can persevere through the week, month, and even the entire year if you put your mind to it. 


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