Sunday, December 17

Modern alienation

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Yesterday I encountered a group of elderly. I said a gentle ” Good evening ” and gave them a nice smile. They were surprised. At first, I supposed they didn’;;t speak my language but then I decided to go on and ask them why the surprise. 

” You are the first to greet us today ” they said and it was me the surprised one now. I’;;ve always known that we incline to talk less to one another but such anti – social behaviour is unjustifiable. By this I mean that greeting somebody is for free and helpful. According to studies, social people live approximately 2 years longer than introverted or shy people.

It is clear that we have to do something about this whole thing of losing touch with one another. However, we can change the whole situation. Here are some tips to become social.

  • Do not be afraid to be ridiculed. Social people are widely appreciated and not mocked. For instance, do not be afraid to greet everyone when entering the bus or your class, if student.
  • Talk more. People who talk more are by far more relaxed than those who don’;;t. By talking you arouse your brain cells, so it is also a great exercise to become smarter!
  • Offer help. For example, if it rains and you own an umbrella, offer it to somebody so that you can get in touch. In case he or she doesn’;;t accept it, it is really kind to insist. But don’;;t get too pressing.
  • Be yourself and be relaxed. 

I’;;m sure we can all make a concerted effort in order to get to known well each other. It is beyond dispute that getting to know one another can be awkward at first glance but, ultimately, all we have is one another and thus it would be nice to be stronger together and to create trustworthy relationships.


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