Wednesday, December 13

Dog Therapy To Overcome Stress-Related Disorders

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Among animals, dogs are the most precious four-legged miracle God has given to us. The bonding between human beings and dogs can be traced back to the evolution of human beings itself. They were our first companions and even today when we are highly evolved, we still keep dogs close to our heart. Why? The relationship between a dog and its master is not only about loyalty but it is about the unconditioned love a dog shows to its master. Most of our physical as well as mental problems are due to the lack of love and attention in our life but a dog can give an inexhaustible source of unconditioned love. This unconditioned love of dogs is now used in dog therapy to overcome life style related diseases like depression, anxiety, stress related disorders and autism in children. Golden Retrievers are often used as therapy dogs. Therapy dogs are not the only dogs which helps kids as well as adults in fighting disorders but a pet dog in your home of any breed will help you and your family to cope with any of the above mentioned problems.

When you return to your home after a stressful day at work, you will find your dog waiting at the door to greet you and that sight is enough to get rid of your tension and depression. Dogs play a major role in comforting patients in hospitals and retirement homes. You don’;t have to visit a psychiatrist for your problems because according to author Ben William, “There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”We all have felt a change in ourselves after simply hugging and stroking a dog. Why? The scientific explanation behind it is that a simple act like this will release a hormone called oxytocin in our body which makes us feel better.

Dogs are the best emotional support we can ask for. Dogs can not only sense cancers but they can also sense the change in our emotions. They serve us without asking or waiting and without seeking any benefits for themselves. Sometimes we are depressed by certain matters which we can’;t speak with anybody but when we see a dog wagging its tail, half of our depression vanishes and the the other half vanishes when we share our problem with the dog because it understands you but it will not question you. They offer unconditioned love and don’;t judge us for our faults. Children suffering from autism and other learning disabilities would hesitate to respond to adult authority but when a dog is introduced into their world, they will give their full attention to the dog and thus helping them in overcoming their disabilities. While adults fail to give proper attention to a child suffering from autism but a dog will provide attention and thus making the child feel needed. Dogs enhance a child’;s sense of self-worth.

If you don’;t have any problems then also you should own a dog to make your life joyful because dog’;s are man’;s best friend.


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