Monday, December 18

Dress Up Yourself Elegantly This Summer.

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It is not wrong to say that fashion is much more like a fruit, as it changes from season to season. But I advise you to find a look that suits your age. The time has changed now and this is the moment to say goodbye to your salad days and give yourself an attractive well-groomed look this summer. As this season is all about texture and shape, so by considering some simple lines of styling you may fly like a sparrow shining brightly with flashes of light. Choose a soft power dress as effective as any speech because from make-up to shoes, handbags and jewelry your dress acts as a sage.

Improve your value and attractiveness by giving yourself a bold and elegant smart look after focusing on lively whites, renewing greens, some sophisticated blues and classical luxurious yellows in this summer with mix and match prints, going for simple cuts ; spiced up with little embroidery pronouncing your body image.

For a complete formal look keep the accessories to a minimum and workout with fully embroidered shirts in floral or geometric pattern or show love towards heritage by giving yourself a complete traditional look after wearing appliqué and cutwork sort of patterns and that’s the best choice even for a day and evening time.

At dinners, get to gathers or wedding ceremonies you easily inspire others by wearing whole trendy gotta work with champa on your dupattas in a formal way and the great advantage is this that it is not stuck with a specific age limit, so you enjoy its beauty with sheer fabric even if you are a young girl or a young lady

For a comfortable change in your beauty image stuck with shalwar this season. You find it amazing by catching others attention and it feels exciting after wearing loose shalwars with long painchas enhancing with long or short kameez and complimenting with chiffon dupattas not just at some t-party but even at home or at your workplace

Bold stripes are also in vogue these days and you increase the extent of your dress quality by adding stylish buttons at neck lines or plain pockets with zips that are easily available in market. I make sure that after wearing such innovative stripes will change your feelings of listlessness or boredom, so if you are a collage girl than you must go with it because stripes gives you a lively look while hanging out with your friends or at your college.


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