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That Yard of the Month Sign is as Good as Yours

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They say that you should not judge a book by its cover, but that is not necessarily the case when it comes to houses. The way that your home looks from the outside will give people a glimpse into the inside of your home. Even if the interior of your house could be misjudged for a war zone, if the outside is well kempt, then folks will never suspect the inside is a disaster area.

Keep it Real with Curb Appeal

The first impression that visitors and passers by should get from the curb of your home should be a good one. It does not matter whether you are in the market to sell or not. Top-notch curb appeal goes a long way and best of all, it gives you a sense of pride in your home. Achieving curb appeal is by no means a quick-fix kind of home improvement project, but it is certainly an attainable goal. Obtaining the professional help of a handyman or landscaper, in combination with a few DIY projects, can help you become known as the house on the block with the best curb appeal.

The Handyman Can

If you are serious about improving the curb appeal of your home, it is important to designate which tasks you can do yourself, and which ones will require assistance from a handyman or landscaper. The items listed below should be left to the expertise of a professional:

  • Bye-Bye Branches – For safety reasons, you should not attempt to trim tree branches, unless they are relatively low. Furthermore, expert pruning of shrubs and foliage will instantly add aesthetic value to your home.
  • Add a Fresh Coat – Outdoor painting is much different from indoor painting. A trained professional will be able to complete the job with ease, and will ensure that the end result looks as close to perfect as possible.
  • Light for Night – Adding strategically placed light fixtures not only shows off the beauty of your home when the sun goes down, but it also provides additional security.
  • Wood Looks Good – Closing off your yard with well-structured fence not only looks good, but it increases the safety of your home. An outdoor deck looks great from the sidewalk, but it’s also the perfect place to entertain when the weather permits.

DIY is Easy as Pie

Some of the larger home improvement projects may require help from a professional handyman or landscaper, but there are endless DIY jobs that will also improve the curb appeal of your home. Make a list of these jobs, and start checking them off. Every weekend can be dedicated to a new DIY home improvement project. Consider some of the ideas below.

  • Window Treatment – Over time, dirt builds up on the outside of your windows. They may not look all that filthy, but you’ll by surprised at how much better they look after a good solid washing.
  • Gutter Clutter – It’s not a glamorous job, but it’s definitely necessary. You can clean out your gutters yourself, but if you would prefer, you could also hire someone else to do it.
  • Door Dress-Up – The front door of a house is kind of like the “face” of your home. You want it to look pretty and welcoming. This can be achieved by installing a brand new door, painting your current one, adding new hardware, and hanging lovely wreaths or holiday flare.
  • Flower Power – The addition of a garden and flowers instantly adds a pretty and friendly factor to a home. Even if you don’t have a large area to plant flowers, potted and hanging plants are also a viable option.

Although the process of improving the curb appeal of your home is not quick, or easy, the end result is totally worth it. Not only will visitors pass by your house and think wonderful things, but you will feel so proud of the home you have invested so much time and money into. Not to mention, if your neighborhood offers a “Yard of the Month” recognition, well then you can consider that sign as good as yours.


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