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Caring for the shirt

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Just like you, your Eton shirt deserves only the best. So, when it’s time to wash, rinse and dry, don’t neglect your shirt’s needs! Here is your step by step guide for caring for your special Eton shirt.

Let’s start with the machine washing process. First things first – always wash coloured and white clothes separately. Be sure NOT to flood the machine with clothes OR throw your shirt in the washing machine just like that; unbutton it first. The recommended temperature for washing your Eton shirt is from 40 to 60 C. Also, use of a fabric softener in the final rinse will bring new life to your shirt, trust us.

Now that the washing process is complete, don’t strangle your shirt by wringing it! Instead, use a hanger to hang it and then shape the collar and the cuffs with your hands.

Here comes the best part – you don’t have to iron your Eton shirts! Most of the creases will dry away automatically leaving behind a wrinkle-free look. And yes, the rest will go away too within 10-15 minutes of wearing the shirt.

Now, let’s talk about professional laundering. The combination of light press and no starch is all you need to take care of your Eton shirt. After the shirt is dry, you may be tempted to use a quick light iron on it to bring it to its original amazing form. WARNING: Resist that temptation; it’s a complete waste of time! The Eton shirt irons itself. Just give it 20 minutes on your body and it’ll be completely wrinkle-free. Forget about ironing for the rest of the day.

Tip: Your Eton shirt will have a longer life if it is never ironed, especially the cuffs and the collar shouldn’t feel the touch of an iron ever!

How about we reveal the secret for the non-iron magic in Eton shirts? While the other so-called non-iron shirts merely use a coating on the cloth that eventually washes out, Eton use an organic formula on the yarn that syncs in well with the cloth. So, don’t be worried about the duration of the non-iron finish, it’ll last forever.

We know the iron-free feature in Eton shirts attracts all and sundry, so we offer them in a variety of sizes. OR you can always take advantage of our made to measure service to get an Eton shirt in your size, style and cloth. What’s more is that we offer an amazing sleeve shortening service for people with unusually short or long arms. Basically, just give us a call and we’ll handle the rest.


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