Tuesday, December 12

One Direction hitting the world like a storm

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One Direction is honoured as the Hottest Boyband In The World (2012-2013).For their first album Up All Night they recieved more than 20 awards. International Album Of The Year , Best pop band , Biggest fans , Favourite Music Group , Favourite Songs and many others are included in their award lists.Up All Night went straight to number one on the United States Billboard 200, making One Direction the first British group in US chart history to achieve this feat with their debut album.


One Direction’;;s second album is driving Directioners (fans of One Direction) crazy as it consists of slow and pop songs and a mixture of sad and rising beat in their songs. Members have co-worked for the lyrics and most of the songs are written and re-written by Niall Horan and Liam Payne.2013 is being a lucky year for the boys as they’;;ve succeeded alot more than they thought of it. Fans roung the globe are desperate to see the boys.

Top Songs:

Up All Night Album-

1.What Makes You Beautiful

2.One Thing

3.Up All Night


 Take Me Home Album-

1.Live While Were Young

2.Kiss You 

3.Little Things

4.One Way Or Another

Latest Releases :

One Direction have already luanched their fragrance named as “OUR MOMENTS”. This shows a great success of the band. They are heading to release their very own 3D movies in theatres in August 2013 round the world. They had anounced the world tour dates of Where We Are 2014 and Directioners are buying it every minute they get a chance. Infact the whole arenas are sold in less than 5 minutes for their concerts! 


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