Monday, December 18

7 Ways break your money bad habit

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A clerk may have good salary but he or she cannot save even a penny. No matter how much salary they cannot save. Some clerks are broke though they have high salary. They must have bad habit that they should change. They can change their habits like this:

1.    Time is money. Most people work for money. They waste their time for money only whereas the time is more precious than money.

2.    Be informed a consumers. When you buy something you must know the price. Do not spend too much for cheap things. You have to find the store or grocery that sell cheap things. Some people buy shirt, bag, expensive because they buy the famous brand. They can buy generic item that is cheaper but the quality is equal.

3.    Save each time you receive paycheck. Allocate 10 % of your paycheck to you account. One dollar a day means $365 a month. You can add the saving when you get more money.

4.     Quit buying junk food. Despite the junk food bad for your health, it is also bad for your wallet. The junk food contains high fat that is very bad to your heart. You have better to cook that is cheaper and health.

5.    Do not drink from bottled water because I waste your money. You are better to buy filtration system. It also helps your environment better because you do not have to dump the plastic bottle. You should also reduce soda drink that is expensive.

6.    Use cheap things to entertain you. Borrowing book must be cheaper than buying a book. There are plenty books in library that can entertain. You can download some free eBook. I also prefer buy DVD than subscribing Cable TV or watching at cinema. There are free festivals in city or museum day that are free.

7.    Using Cash. The credit card tempts us to buy more and more.  People think the credit card is cheaper because we can get discount at outlet or café. In fact, the interest of credit card is so high. You must pay the principal and the

I believe you have own he ways to break the bad habits. You can start your break the bad habit now.


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