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How MedicAlert Can Help You If You Have Arthritis

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What is Arthritis?
Arthritis causes joint inflammation, pain and swelling of your joints. There are two main types; Osteoarthritis which is caused by age, hereditary factors, obesity, gender, previous joint injuries and overuse of the joint. The second type Rheumatoid Arthritis caused by the immune system which attacks the joints, leading to a breakdown in the bone and cartilage.

Because arthritis medication could be harmful if mixed with other forms of medication administered in an emergency, we strongly advise that people with arthritis to wear our Medicalert I.D. jewellery.

Worn on the pulse points, it alerts healthcare professionals that the person takes medication for arthritis, as well as alerts them to any other conditions or allergies that may impact on their emergency treatment. This potentially life-saving service allows healthcare professionals to make a quicker diagnosis and with the additional resource of the member medical record, it gives access to a greater depth of information allowing them to start treatment with a better understanding of the individuals needs.

MedicAlert jewellery worn round the neck and wrist will alert healthcare staff to the medication taken for the conditions which can have a potentially harmful effect if mixed with other forms of medication.

What are the benefits?
There are many benefits of joining The MedicAlert Foundation; we have been around for nearly 50 years helping people with hidden conditions and allergies in an emergency. Our members gain the peace of mind knowing that in an emergency; their individual needs will be understood and met by the attending healthcare professional no matter where you are. Additional benefits of joining us include:

  • A 24/7 emergency response line on the emblem is accessible worldwide
  • Detailed medical records are stored on our secure system and can be updated at any time.
  • MedicAlert employs medically trained staff who are available to discuss your conditions and ensure that they are prioritised in order of importance.
  • Our ongoing education programme is designed to educate healthcare professionals to recognise our emblems.
  • We are part of an international network with members in over 58 countries.

What a MedicAlert emblem looks like

Back of emblem
What our members say about us…
Our members are unique and so are their medical conditions. We help them to live their lives without limits, such as…

Penny Jenkins
Has been a member of MedicAlert for over 12 years. She joined on the recommendation of a very trusted friend who wears a MedicAlert® I.D. bracelet following a liver transplant.

Paul Buchanan
Was training for his first marathon when he discovered he had diabetes. He now wears a MedicAlert I.D. bracelet to alert medics to his diabetes in an emergency.

Adam Findley
Adam was diagnosed with M.E. and his MedicAlert I.D. bracelet gives him more independence.

The MedicAlert jewellery range
We have designs to suit your lifestyle, so whether your are outgoing  or want something trendy or chic, our range of beads, stainless steel, silver and gold jewellery will suit all tastes.

MedicAlert bracelets
To order your bracelet and to sign up to become a MedicAlert member, visit


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