Thursday, December 14

Future of Elephants

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Recent Kenyan reports indicate that the poaching on elephants is at the rise. Elephants are being reduced in numbers through poaching by unknown, organized and connected poachers-including Kenya Wild Life services (KWS) staff.

So what’s the future of our elephants? I’ve always engaged my rational and irrational brains on discussions of the future of elephants and whether the coming generation will really need them. Just like the dinosaurs of the Mesozoic era our elephants will definitely follow suit.

Elephants eat up to 300kg/day of grass and drink from 100-300Litres of water per day. So consider having 30 elephants within a park and bearing in mind that population is increasing and we need more farmland to cultivate and keep our animals in to sustain our livelihoods. So will we leave our farmlands and opt for other methods of obtaining food in the name of preserving elephants?

Elephants should not be conserved for their own sake. They should be considered to serve the good of humanity. If it becomes a menace it should be done away with, after all who will be needing elephants in the 22nd C when 90% of the world’s population will be urbanized and most of our activities will be confined and controlled by technology if you need to see elephants just do a search and there you go elephants documented 100 years ago appear on your screen and you watch them at the comfort of your home.

Why should we waste a lot of money ratifying treaties and holding conferences on a species that will soon come to pass? We are just doing delaying tactics in the name of abiding to Bruntland Report (WCED 1987) on sustainability of resources. In this elephants and humans battle it’s like fighting the climate change wars or trying to compete with nature.

The elephants should be used to address our current needs, mostly in developing countries we should not be purporting to conserve elephants-to just be considered loyal to CITES-while we are dying of hunger and malnutrition and we have treasure at the wild. Income generated from elephants can be used in developing projects that are and will be relevant and generate more income to the nation.

We should therefore harvest elephants sustainably and use the benefits that are derived from them to alleviate our present generation needs.


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