Tuesday, December 12

Complete Savings: Online Trends Part 2

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As an interesting starting point, we consider that in a year where international retail markets struggled, ecommerce showed growth, with reports out from research house ComScore at the end of 2011 for example, citing double digit growth for some eretail stores.

Last week we looked at how the growth of tablets accompanies mobile phone devices as popular ways to peruse the internet and to search not only for those savings and discounts but also to use to experience and interact with a retail store. We also looked at the rise and importance of the cloud and how it supports both stores and online stores.

This week Complete Savings looks at a further two trends for 2012:

  • Shopping with social. – The rise of social media channels is making us a very interactive and vocal set of people. When it comes to social and shopping, we have seen a rise in emerging trends and have observed how people have started using social to get opinions and advice and to share purchasing decisions. In addition, whilst we are not shy on going on shopping trips with friends and family members, it is now commonplace to take your whole entire social network with you when you go on those shopping trips! The power of the fan has also increased significantly. Data released in July by Hitwise indicated that 1 Facebook fan was equal to 20 additional visits to a retail website in the course of a year. Retailers are now using social not just for brand awareness, but for product development and customer service too.
  • Borderless shopping communities – With everything going online and social networks and communities pulling down cultural, locational and language barriers, we are starting not only to see, but to live in a borderless world. Global communities are encouraged and grow which means that retailers no longer need to concentrate so much effort on establishing local delivery models but whilst also benefitting from the opportunity to expand their operations globally. Retailers can open up opportunities to experience international shopping communities and therefore also benefit from the insights and learnings provided. Having access to new markets, cultures and consumers. At the end of 2011 Rakuten surveyed international interest in shopping globally online and the results revealed that consumers are open to borderless shopping. Brazil is leading the global e-shopping charge with 81 per cent of consumers keen to shop in different markets online, followed by Indonesia (77%), Thailand (74%), China (69%) and Spain (66%).

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