Friday, December 15

“Pen fairy Ⅱ” exposed Pilot Poster

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From “Asia Masters of Horror” Bingji directed, Park Han Byul Korean kid, who later starred in the horror movie “pen fairy Ⅱ” will be held August summer profile release in the country. Recently, the pilot released the film posters median waist-long hair, dressed in a black dress looks pretty childhood to show his back, his left hand still carrying dolls, standing in the corridor in school buildings, walls stained with blood twice seems to presage the ghost baby again departed, the ultimate terror is about to erupt.

“Pen fairy Ⅱ” exposed the pilot departed the ultimate horror ghost baby poster

August summer profile will release the horror film “pen fairy Ⅱ” released pilot posters, and a concept version of the previously released poster is the same, the only role is to appear in childhood, played high Xinyu Iverson. Posters middle waist long hair, dressed in a black dress in the back looks pretty show his childhood, his left still carrying a doll, standing teaching building of the corridor, the walls of the blood stained twice seems to presage the ghost baby again departed terror is about to erupt. It is reported that the director Bingji the specially invited high Xinyu starred in “pen fairy Ⅱ”, in the “pen immortal” high Xinyu age is small acting impressive, especially the eyes of the audience can not look horror, thriller even more than Mei Ting The eye is about to explode, ending soon wickedness just want to scream a lot more so relieved audience directly “scared of urine.” Sequel high Xinyu Iverson played childhood appeared, will lead the audience step by step into a more horror terror.

One year later adjourned to the front Bingji “pen fairy Ⅱ” comprehensive upgrade

The “Hand of Midas” (meaning gold hand pointing) said the South Korean director Bingji, since 2000 called for “sensitivity horror movie” and “Demons” officially became a director in 2002 with “ghost bell “widely praised by peers, but it fame as the” Asian horror master “is 2004′;;;s” pen immortal. ” “Pen immortal” tells the story of several high school students as a horror story triggered Curse, several students have died mysteriously, the truth has always been a mystery. The “pen fairy Ⅱ” Bingji also the background story is set a few among the young, in order to highlight the “youth thriller” element, the protagonist increased to seven young men and women. And Bingji hands in thousand carefully selected to create a youthful version of the “terror-day mission,” coupled with last year’;;;s “pen immortal” in the country’;;;s success “test the water”, the familiar scenes and on the domestic terror mastery of film censorship, Bingji confidence to build a new upgraded version of the “pen fairy Ⅱ”, “the audience must be psychologically prepared to worry about fainting you.”


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