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5 Beautiful Admin Templates to Download (Twitter Bootstrap)

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While mostweb projectsoftenfocus primarily on thefront-endfeatures and design, thevalue of investingtime and effort intoadminpages should notbe underestimated.WordPressopen source CMSis a good exampleof a very successfuland popular webapplication that isknown for its greatusability andfastlearning curve.Witheach majorrelease,admin areaimproved,and it’;;s greatfor the product.

Acustom-madeadministration interfaceusually costa fortune andcan be difficult toprovideforstart-ups.There are some freetemplatesavailable, butoftendesign andcode qualityis notat the desiredlevel of quality.But you canget a highquality and elegantadmintemplate fora low price.This will save yousignificanttime andexpensive designerbills.They usually comewith a good selectionof features andtypically severalcolor variations.Some of them areresponsiveadmintemplatesand theywill work well formobileweb applicationprojects as well!

In this article, I have compiledsome of the bestadmintemplates availableforyour web applicationproject started.

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SimpliQ Flat & Responsive Twitter Bootstrap Admin Template

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SimpliQ Flat & Responsive Admin Template is a fully featured, premium, Bootstrap Admin Template with Modern Flat Style.

Built with LESS, delivered with LESS and CSS Files.

If you looking for dashboard template for your application SimpliQ Flat & Responsive Admin Template is perfect solution for you. SimpliQ Flat & Responsive Admin Template contains many plugins and widgets ex. charts, chats, weekly Stats, last users, To-Do list, support tickets and many more, so your app will be look awesome.

SimpliQ Flat & Responsive Admin Template based on Bootstrap 2.3.2 from Twitter. It works on all major browsers and optimizes itself for tablets and mobile phones.

SimpliQ Flat & Responsive Admin Template support Retina Displays, all elements look amazing!

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Twitter Bootstrap Dashboard Admin Template

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Built on Bootstrap 2.1.1. Responsive Layout supports the popular devices desktops, tablet devices, mobile devices.

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Detail Admin – Responsive Twitter Bootstrap Admin Theme

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Detail Admin Theme is a clean and elegant responsive template suitable for any back-end application. Created using latest HTML5 and CSS3 features. Built with SASS and focused on simplicity and real life use cases.

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Core Admin – Responsive Admin Template

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Fully Responsive, works on any PC / MAC systems, phones and tablets.

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Ace – Responsive Admin Template

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Ace is a lightweight, feature-rich and easy to use admin template based on the latest version of Bootstrap.

<header class=”entry-header”><p>Twitter Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, charts, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions.


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