Monday, December 18

Book review for Gideon by Russell Andrews Genre: Fiction

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When Carl Granville is given an assignment to complete- a book that has to be finished within 6 weeks, he thinks that his dreams have come true or rather are they? When Maggie Patterson his boss is found dead in her home and his fingerprints are found in Maggie’;;s house he starts to run for his life. But does Carl know enough to save himself and actually to find out the truth? Carl has to know the truth before it is too late. Who is Danny? and what is his real name?

Carl had been given an assignment to complete a novel in 6 weeks. But before this, he has been given an advance of 50, 000 dollars. The novel he has to write is from an old diary in which the real names and places have been blacked out. Carl begins his assignments but sooner questions start to emerge and without his knowledge people close to him start to die and Carl is blamed for all these murders. With the help of his ex-girlfriend he manages to run away from people who have power and wealth.

Meanwhile, the president of the United States shoots himself and the country is in chaos. His wife Elizabeth is able to convince the people of the great country to remain calm in a moving speech that exhalts Elizabeth. With few days remaining to the election will Elizabeth be the next country of the United States?

The priest has gone missing. Only his car is found left near a river and questions are being asked to the whereabouts of Father Stephen. Who is after the life of the father and who wants to kill him so badly?

These are the questions that Carl has to answer in order to save himself and his girlfriend only he doesn’;;t know that an assassin is following their trail.

A great book that will keep you glued from the first page to the last.


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