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Pivotal Role of Used Mobile Phones in the Indian Online Market?

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History of used mobiles in Indian market:

A record number of 116 handset companies with a total of 17 mobile phone network companies is what runs the mobile phone industry of India and hence making it a hub of cell phone revolution on this planet. These companies ushered in India with time now making it the second largest telecom networks in the world based on the total number of telephone users. India, having the lowest calling tariffs in the world, largest count of cell phones used, bought and sold each day and survival of the fittest for telecom companies. More the number of cell phones being used are directly proportional to the number of used cell phones sold and then bought each day. Currently, the cheapest cell phone is Samsung Guru and the most expensive general edition phone is Samsung Galaxy S4 priced at Rs. 37,990 with varying rates from store to store.

Why to choose used cell phones?

Used cell phones in Mumbai specifically are in large numbers sold and bought and even exchanged on daily basis. “I’m willing to take the risks and pay र 5000 for a used phone instead of paying over र10000 for a new phone that gets outdated in a few months of use and still won’t guarantee perfect working for all the years I keep it” is what basically the reasoning is of those who buy and sell used phones more as a need rather than for Business.

With the cell phone companies paving way for new and better models loaded with advanced and innovative technology on regular basis it makes it difficult and economically unfeasible for users to be updated with latest technology hence they have to rely more on used phones to stay updated and technologically sound which are cheaper and demand less dedication.Affordability is one of the main reasons behind such a purchase.

Used cell phones, not always a bliss:

A survey conducted in India by a leading e-security company regarding mobile theft and snatching, revealed that one in every two mobile phone users have been victims of mobile theft with the biggest count close to 63% being in Mumbai alone.
Hence making it an obligation for used mobile buyers to check the the identity of the previous user of the phone to make yourself free of any kind of issues in the future.
While checking the outward look of a phone, one must never forget to give a detailed check on the software it is carrying which maybe faulty hence causing financial damage.   

Best cell phone markets in Mumbai:

For good deals of used cell phones. Locals of Mumbai prefer visiting the following places

  • Heera Panna, Mahalaxmi
  • Manish market, Crawford market
  • Bonny Plaza, Andheri station

Used mobile phones also available online in Mumbai

One smart way to get rid of the problem of being sold phones at expensive rates is to depend on a good and reliable Mobile Price Comparison site. 

Most of used phones available in the market are also available on online websites such as,, etc. These websites demand model, condition, price of the particular phone and the contact number of the seller. This shows how easy it is to opt for a cell phone of your choice and buy/sell it.


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