How to keep online earnings ongoing every month

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Easy money online

There are several opportunities on making money online. But the best ones are the ones that keep you payment going on almost forever.

Let’s see if we can find 12 sites where we can share stuff and earn money. In this way you can have a descent payout every month, because you only extract money from one of your sites every month. Just pick out the one with the biggest earning.

This is not a way to get rich, but it sure is a god way to have a little bit extra every month. And be aware that it might take a couple of months before you can start getting your first small payouts.

Further down is a list of sites that is great for this purpose.
At these sites you can share/post once and afterwards you will earn for every page view.  Therefore you can be lucky to earn up to $50 or more per content as times go by.. So that is okay for posting a photo or writing an article.
Remember the more you update your contents and care about your membership each place the more you earn. So if you only upload some simple stuff once your earnings will not be as big as if you upload new stuff every month. The great thing about adding new content is that if often will give you more views for your old content too. As times go by you will increase your earnings more and more every month.

You do not need to visit each site every day. Make a calendar for your online earnings and visit each site once a month to add new stuff. Of course you will earn more the more time you use to ad content but you will waste a lot of time you make updates at each site every day.

Sites to keep your earnings ongoing:
(At some of the sites you can ad different content)

Write articles:

Write blogs:

Write reviews and summaries:

Upload photos:

Write stories:


Have fun… and start your income right away.


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