Monday, December 11

Mother- The best creation ever…!!!

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A woman is seen in many different ways, as a friend, sister, daughter, daughter – in – law, as a maid too, and as a mother.

Upon all those different role’s she plays, being mother is the most best in anyone’s life. The most amazing word in dictionary is a mother.

We might have seen many posters and wallpapers of mother holding a child, or a mother feeding her child or such similar photo’s of a mother and child together and how much have we really thought about our mother’s. She is the most selfless person on this earth. Even a father is selfish sometimes, but a good mother is never selfish.

Each one of us get up in the morning, get dressed, go to work and we come back home to relax. Whatever we had done in that day will be for self profit most of the time or for self-satisfaction.

A mother is that one person, who does nothing for self, but yes, looking at her child happy satisfies her

The moment a woman gets pregnant, she becomes a mother and starts feeling the baby. Normally any other person including the father can feel the baby only after the birth of the baby after nine months, but for a mother the baby is born the day she got pregnant. She worries every single moment if the baby is growing properly or not, and she eats more and healthy foods, to keep us healthy. She does not take any risk to cause us any kind of trouble while even in womb.

Recently one of my friend and myself went to party together with our families, and my friend was pregnant of three six months. We all friends knew, she was a crazy girl for ice creams from childhood. Sometimes, she even use to skip food if ice creams were available. When in the party we saw a saperate section of ice creams, we all laughed together that here came my friends stall, but to our surprise, though she noticed she did not even wanted to have a bite of them. When I asked her, she do not want to cause any trouble to the child inside her, as if she catches any cold after eating an ice cream, it can cause problems to the baby.

I was really taken back with her words, and yes we heard similar things many pregnant womans talking. But how many times have we really thought even once about our mother and the risks she had undergone.

Pregnancy has its own joy and difficulties in many, while the pains and difficulties that a woman or a mother faces is hers alone. When she gives birth, it is said that a woman has a second life. Yes, the pain, which feels while giving birth is like an organ, is been pulled out from your body. But the moment she looks at her baby, all her pains are vanished and the joy and happiness she seeks is the one which no one can ever feel in the same way.

Even after birth, she stays with us, rocks to sleep, feeds, cleans and does everything to us until we grown to take care ourselves, and she continues it until her end.

She tries to give us best education and wants us to go places to find all success and happiness in life. How many of us have really though that where all she had been or wants to go, how much happy she is or what she needs. Do not ask her, because she will tell you that, being around you wherever you are is the place she wants to be, or looking at you being happy is what makes her happy.

A child cries when he or she did not get something, but a mother never cries because she did not get something. But yes, she cries when her child is unhappy and did not get what he or she wanted. But never self she sheds a tear.

Today, there are very people, who takes a minute to think that what your mother sacrificed and what pains she had gone through. Certainly a mother do not wish her child to come and thank her, but it is our duty to thank her by taking care of her and showing all your love in her old age and when she got no more energy left to rock you or when she wants to retire.

There are many people, who say they are too busy to take care of their parents and send them away or put them away.

It is our duty to take care of them, in which ever condition they are and especially a mother, because a woman’s body and bones are more weaker and she might have worked more harder to make you as strong as she dedicated a whole lifetime of hers to you, and its only a few minutes of your day is all she would expect.

Hence, take some time today, go to her and talk to her and come, There is no need to say her word, still your mother will understand that you love her and you need her.

Salute her for whatever she had been, and she is and she will be.


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