Monday, December 18


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Hi girls.

 Most of you want long healthy and beautiful hair. Most of the girls go to hair salons, spend lots of money on their hair. But the results are still not satisfactory. Some of the websites give very complicated tips for fast hair growth which are difficult to follow and require high expendidure of money which most of us cannot afford. If you want to grow your hair at a super fast speed then you should the follow the easy tips given below. 

  • Use an oil which contains Amla, coconut, shikakai and lemon. Amla strengthens your hair from root to tip and mantains their health and natural thickness. Lemon controls sebum flow and helps to prevent dandruff. Cocunut nourishes your hair and helps in growth. Shikakai enhances the growth speed and prevents from split ends. Apply it twice a week.
  • Take a head massage for atleast 30 minutes. It increases the blood circulation which helps in hair growth.
  • Apply a mixture of yogurt and egg on your hair. Add lemon to avoid egg’;;;;s smell. Apply this mixture twice a week.
  • Use a good condtioner after shampooing atleast once a week. It keeps you hair soft and shiny.
  • Do not use straighters or curlers or any other hair stylers very often as they can damage your hair. And before using them apply some serum to your hair. Such stylers actually burn our hair and ends up making split ends. 
  • If you have split ends then better let them rest in peace because they will never let your hair grow or remain healthy.

I follow these tips and mu hair grow about 1.5 to 2 inches per month. Hair can not grow more than 2 inches per month. If you want your shoulder length hair to touch your hips within a month or two then it’;s impossibe. Better use hair extensions or a wig in that case. 


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