Friday, December 15

Wine & Final;

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you see all of that articles and blogs telling you about how hard life is?

Well , It is!

But I want to write this to tell you the lesson that I’;;ve learned with those difficult things that happened to me this year.

You probably by now know that people are sometimes very mean and cruel without reasons. I mean you try to dig and find one (please!) but when you dig and find the reasons those people are mean to you , you find out that they are actually , very stupid. For example, when somebody hates you because you’;;re boyfriend is actually happy with you , when somebody hates you because you are blonde , brunnette , or because you like reading. Pretty stupid stuff for somebody to hate you.

You find out that these people do all kinds of things just to annoy you and get the “monster you” out and sometimes their effort might be in vain but sometimes it dosent. It dosent because maybe you can reate to me and instead of getting angry when someone is foing anything just to bother you or anger you , you actually feel confused and kind of in schock; you start thinking ” how can this person be this way” , ” how can this person be so immature” and you’;;re left with nothing , out of words , wondering what the hell you did to this person.

I have come to find out that people were masks ( yep , not only one! ) and alternate their life between this masks. With their sister they’;;re one , with their brother another one and with you a very ugly one. And the funny thing is all these persons that are also victims of the masks, sometimes dont notice because with them they’;;re wearing  a prettier mask or a manipulative mask and they are blind , they dont see.

But you do.

You probably wear a lot of masks too ,  but pretty masks and some grey ones ( I Hope)  and because of this  I need to let you know that even though you dig and try to find a good reason why this person(s) are being so mean, cruel and immature , you’;;re never going to find them ( reasons). They are like that because their life maybe wasn’;;t meant to be as beautiful as yours , as happy as yours.Maybe they can turn it around and maybe they can’;;t but that’;;s not on you. What is on you is that you have to really deal with these people and I dont mean pretending you don’;;t care and letting them step all over you in order for them to think that you don’;;t care. I mean dealing with them , getting them out of your life , setting some limits and boundaries and never , never let them disrespect you.Because then the anger of being disrespected and not doing anything about it will give you an angry, sad life and it would mostly be against you , because you didn’;;t defended youself.

So be happy ,  have the pants to deal DEAL with these people and learn that they are littly tiny rocks that will never have the power to shake you.




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